Photo attempt leads to man’s 40-foot downhill slide near Berthoud Pass |

Photo attempt leads to man’s 40-foot downhill slide near Berthoud Pass

Sawyer D'Argonne | Sky-Hi News
Emergency workers from East Grand Fire Protection District help a man who slid down a steep slope after attempting to take a picture near Berthoud Pass.
Courtesy photo

The urge to capture Colorado’s natural beauty comes over all of us from time to time. But if you’re going to take pictures, you better watch your step.

The East Grand Fire Protection District responded to a call Thursday for a man who slipped and slid about 40 feet down a hill near Berthoud Pass before finally gaining footing on some rocks down below. The man had no major injuries.

The 58-year-old apparently stepped over a guardrail on the second switchback of Berthoud Pass to take a picture. He then dropped his phone and slipped down the hill, according to Adam Gosey of the East Grand Fire Protection District. He was able to gain footing and stop his descent, but he was unable to make the trip back up.

Emergency responders on scene used a capstan winch pull up system, wherein they lowered ropes down to the man and used a pulling device to help him back up to the road. The entire ordeal took about 30 minutes, according to Gosey.


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