Photo exhibit on display at Vail Library |

Photo exhibit on display at Vail Library

A self portrait of Raymond Bleesz standing next to his portrait of "Mathiew, Bus Porter, Greensboro, N.C.," which is included in the photo exhibit at Vail Library through the end of Jan.

VAIL — Edwards fine art photographer, Raymond A. Bleesz, will display his photographic portraiture at the Vail Library Thursday through the end of the month. A reception will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday night with the Chamber Musical Group of the Alpine Wind Ensemble providing background music.

The Chamber Group consists of a clarinet and two flutists. Flutist Emily Zeigler and her two companions offered to support Bleesz’s opening photographic exhibition.

Bleesz’s photo portraiture ranges from early images from the 1970s to images taken recently. Some portraits are instantly recognizable such as: Clint Eastwood, John Denver, Albert Eisenstadedt and John Kennedy Jr. Others are not, but most portraits are people Bleesz has encountered in his work and his travels, everyday people.

“I photograph man’s habitat, man’s impact upon the landscape and man at work,” he said. “The zeitgeist of my time and place are photographed. My photography is humanitarian in style: Reality in essence, with tranquility and solitude.”

Bleesz’s educational background as a historian dictates his photographic point of view.

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