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Howdy and welcome to Town Talk, the column that asks the questions, “When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?”

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Special thanks

Mountain Hospice would like to thank the following individuals for attending and helping out at the 13th annual Mail Stuffing for the Tree of Lights fund-raiser. The ceremony will take place Dec. 5th in Eagle and Dec. 8 in Edwards: Reggie O’Brien, Jan Jackson, Kathy and Art Myers, Jane St. Jean, Lynn Hoehn, Susan Johnson, Lindy Owens, Rachel Hascup, Sue Franciose, Wendy Cheff, Karla Wallace, Rachelle Lazar, Dorothy Sharpy, Diane Botkin, Carla Guarascio, Kelly Guarascio, Paige Mickley, Stephanie Morris, Charly Hoehn, Vanissa Carrol, Nancy Kerby, Faye McKenny, Grace Koch.

The gift that keeps on giving?

This just in.

Aphrodisia/Goddess Rose Nectar is a new beverage for women, devised by an outfit calling itself Women On Top. It says here Aphrodisia is a sensual elixir you can drink all by itself. It also says that for a real Good TIME, mix it with alcohol to create drinks such as the Aphrodini (four parts Aphrodisia to one part gin or vodka with a rose petal on top). Or it can be mixed with champagne to add real sparkle to a New Year’s Eve party. According to Woman on Top founder and the maker of Aphrodisia Dary Rees, it was time for women to have their own drink. They say it has nothing bad in it, and it made of herbal extracts used by ancient Peruvian healers and Chinese Emperors. It also has bunches of theobromine, the passion stimulator in chocolate. Other ingredients are horny goat weed. For your gift giving needs, go to

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