Photo: Scenic tree at nighttime in Wolcott |

Photo: Scenic tree at nighttime in Wolcott

WOLCOTT — Ever noticed this unique tree in Wolcott? Local photographer Rick Spitzer got a great photo of it recently. Here’s the story behind the photo:

“There is a tree that grows beside a rock in a meadow near Wolcott that caught my eye many years ago. I have photographed it a number of times during the day in a variety of lighting situations, but I wanted to try something different. A week ago I went there after sunset and when it was so dark I could hardly see the tree, I shot it by painting it with light. During the 32-second exposure I moved a bright LED flashlight across the scene. The lichens on the rock sparkled. The contrast in the tree was like nothing I have seen before. The black sky turned blue and the streaks of many stars were visible.

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