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Pick the important issues

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

As the 2008 presidential primaries quickly approach, we urge you to slow things down a bit.

Too many voters are lured by a single issue, often one that has very little impact on their lives.

Through the myriad debates, we’ve been able to hear presidential candidates go on and on about issues ranging from Iraq to torture of suspected terrorists. And as the 2008 primaries approach, we’ll get no shortage of quotes letting voters know just how candidates A-Z feel in issues A-Z.

When sifting through all the issues, make sure to listen to what candidates can offer in terms of your overall well-being and that of your country.

Often, volatile social issues such as abortion, gay marriage and evolution are the tipping points for voters. Just because one candidate may not meet eye-to-eye with you on these issues doesn’t mean he or she isn’t the best person to lead your country.

Yes, a president can appoint judges and Supreme Court justices when the vacancies arise, which can then potentially lead to changes on the hot-button social issues. But what our commander in chief does most of the time has little impact on these issues.

The issues that you should pay the most attention to are those that dictate how our foreign policy is conducted or those that could give you and your family a chance to prosper.

It’s far to early for our endorsements. We just feel that sometimes people get stuck on issues that, in the long run, don’t have much bearing on how you’ll live when you retire (or if you’ll make it that far) or if your kids will grow up in an environment where the United States is the best country it can be.

So when you lend your ears and eyes to the presidential candidates, think about where you want to be not in 2010, but where you hope America will move to in 2100.

” Ian Cropp for the Editorial Board

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