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Pick up, please

Kathy Morse

Last fall, my husband and I moved to the west end of Eagle-Vail, delighted with the prospect of being next to the park. With the melting of the snow, however, has come a nasty shock: It is apparent that many Eagle-Vail dog owners use the park as a canine latrine.

Despite the availability of plastic bags and a sign reminding dog owners to pick up after their dogs, in 20 minutes one day, I picked up three pounds of dog droppings just in one tiny corner of the park.

I know that dogs are beloved in the Vail Valey, and we get looks ranging from disbelief to astonishment when we tell people that we don’t have a dog. But with dog ownership comes responsibility and the need to be considerate of your neighbors. We certainly don’t want to lobby for leashes in the park or, God forbid, banning dogs from the park altogether.

But please think of the children who use the park, if not the people who live next to it, and CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!

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