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Pie in the sky

In one of his recent rants against the president, David Le Vine took Bush to task because “he doesn’t care about universal health care.” This is typical liberal demagoguery, strong on emotion, weak on details. Is Le Vine trying to resurrect HillaryCare, the program promoted by the former first lady decade ago?

A few specifics would help to understand where Le Vine is coming from.

Does this mean that the federal government would provide health care for everybody? Even if they are not citizens? What would this cost, and how would the government pay for it? According to what I hear, it appears that even with the present level of service, Medicare is due to go broke in a few years.

Does this mean that a federal bureaucracy would dictate what benefits are available, and where one would have to go to get them? Right now, federal employees, including members of Congress, have a special program of health care that is not available to the rest of us. Will Senator Kennedy, Senator Clinton, et al, be placed in the same program as ordinary people? Is anyone optimistic that the same folks who brought you the IRS and the U.S. Postal Service would please you if they also ran your health care?

Would this federal health agency dictate what would be paid to doctors, hospitals and those who produce medicine and other health care products? Would it be illegal for providers to opt out of the federal system? Would patients get arrested for seeking health care outside this program?

This is a good example of pie in the sky. Sounds good at first, but not so great when you think it through.

Terry Quinn


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