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Piece of bologna snares small gator

MAIDEN, N.C. ” When two eyes peeked out of the water, a trio of young fishing buddies knew they weren’t looking at a fish.

“We threw a stick at it to see what it was,” 11-year-old Jim Vang said. “It stuck its head out of the water a little more, and that’s when we saw that it was an alligator.”

Using a piece of bologna tied to a string, rescue workers caught the 2 1/2-foot-long alligator Wednesday after Vang and his friends asked adults to call police.

The reptile could have grown to as long as 10 feet had it not been caught in the pond, said Eric Kanipe, one of two Maiden Rescue Squad members who helped catch the alligator.

“This had to have been someone’s pet that they didn’t want anymore and just dumped in the pond,” Kanipe said. “These things don’t live around here, and they don’t just appear in this area.”

The alligator’s jaw was taped shut with duct tape so it could be moved safely.

Maiden is about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte.

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