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Pinball association

On Friday, the Vail Pinball Association, in cooperation with local businesses and a great community of pinball enthusiasts, delivered and installed a new capital purchase for Public Access TV5. The Pinball Association's coin box take, over $3000 for the year, has been used to upgrade TV5's seven-year-old hardware with a dual monitor 27" iMac and a high-speed storage subsystem. This new hardware is available for any non-commercial public interest projects. We would like to thank J.K. Perry, TV5's manager, for his dedication and hard work; the community producers, volunteers and skill set teachers at TV5; and Mark, Matt and Clay at Kirby Cosmos in Minturn; the amazing brewers at Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards; and Eric's team at Magustos in Minturn. Pictured are Perry, left, and Magusto's owner, Eric.

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