Pinballs are Hoppin’ |

Pinballs are Hoppin’

Title: Pinballs are Hoppin' This past week the Vail Pinball Association in combination with the Vail Pinball Collectors Club, Route 6 (since 2013) in Eagle-Vail, Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. (since 2010) and noobie! Vail Brewing Co. (good to have on board) brings food to the table for those in need in the Vail Valley of dreams. This time around the great organization of Kroger, which feeds nearly 30 million meals per year to those that need it, has provided a serious discount and value to your pinball quarters. One hundred and twenty three cans of soup were purchased with your money, at a steep off-season discount and donated (except one can so the VPA can celebrate with you too) to the Salvation Army. Please let all of these wonderful contributors know you care, that what they do matters and that contribution and community matters to us all. Thank you for all of the years and fun this has been. We truly appreciate all of the players, all of the games and all of the fun.

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