Pine beetles move into Cheyenne, Colorado cities |

Pine beetles move into Cheyenne, Colorado cities

FORT COLLINS, Colorado ” Mountain pine beetles continue to make inroads in cities along the northern Front Range, with infestations reported Tuesday in Berthoud, Boulder, Greeley, Loveland and Windsor.

Earlier this month, the beetles were reported in pine trees in Fort Collins. The beetles have also been found in pine trees in Cheyenne, Wyo.

Experts believe the tiny insects may have been carried east by a combination of strong winds and firewood from infected trees.

Ingrid Aguayo of the Colorado Forest Service said the infestation isn’t expected to spread across cities the way it has across parts of the mountains. The beetles burrow under tree bark and have killed about 1.5 million acres of pine trees in the high country, where the rust-colored infected trees seem to outnumber healthy ones on some mountainsides.

Aguayo said the beetle attacks only pine trees, and cities have many other kinds of trees. Pine trees in populated areas tend to get more water and are better able to fight off beetle infestations, she said.

“It’s not going to be the red sea that we see in the forest,” Aguayo said.

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