Pioneer Daze in Eagle is about learning marijuana’s many uses, teaching without THC |

Pioneer Daze in Eagle is about learning marijuana’s many uses, teaching without THC

On Saturday, Sept. 12, Sweet Leaf Pioneer owners David and Dieneka Manzanares will host Pioneer Daze, an event extolling the many uses for marijuana, primarily the medicinal value of marijuana and the industrial uses of hemp.
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If You Go ...

What: Sweet Leaf Pioneer Daze, a hemp and music jam

When: 2:30-9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12.

Where: Sweet Leaf Pioneer, 1286 Chambers Ave., Eagle.

Cost: Admission is free.

More information: Pioneer Daze is smoke-free. Go to

Things have changed in Colorado. I wandered into Sweet Leaf Pioneer to talk to owner Dave Manzanares about Saturday’s Pioneer Daze event. As we were chatting, one of the staffers said, “I gotta go roll these joints.” Then the young man sat down and got busy.

Because The People have spoken clearly and repeatedly about marijuana, this is part of his job.

Hemp party and music jam

Pioneer Daze is a party, of course, an all-afternoon and evening event extolling the many uses for marijuana, primarily the medicinal value of marijuana and the industrial uses of hemp.

“We hope to open some eyes,” Manzanares said.

Ironically, it’s smoke free.

Ironically two, they’ll have a full bar.

Ironically three, among other things, they’ll be playing Stoner Trivia, a Trivial Pursuit for pot-loving people. Stoner Trivia is not printed on hemp paper, but it’s still fun and you probably know most of this stuff.

Five different bands will play — not all at the same time: Derek Luttrell; Eagle locals The Sessh; Jonah Wisneski Band; Kelly Steward, who’s touring with her new album, “Out from Within”; and Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts.

Ekahi Grill and The Lost Cajun will sell food, and 7 Hermits Brewery will sell beer.

You can get hemp-based massages.

It’s free to get in.

Teaching without THC

Pioneer Daze is a smoke-free educational experience. Booths will feature a plethora of pot uses that go beyond the normal, or NORML.

“We’re teaching without the THC to get you high,” Manzanares said.

It turns out, you can use hemp to make everything from ice cream to fuel for your vehicle, flooring, paper … the list is long.

Here’s something you might not know but will come in handy during Stoner Trivia. The sails of the U.S.S. Constitution, the American Revolutionary War ship “Old Ironsides,” were made from hemp.

Mister Hemp, feelin’ the lauve

Sweet Leaf Pioneer is Eagle’s only medical and recreational marijuana shop, which makes Manzanares and his staff pioneers, sort of.

Along those lines, Jason Lauve, Mister Hemp, is the special guest speaker.

Lauve was one of the driving forces behind Colorado’s legalization of hemp in 2012.

Lauve helped write a hemp soil restoration bill, HB12-1099. As he recalls it, Colorado State Rep. Wes McKinley called him into his office. McKinley was flanked by two attorneys and said something like, “We’re going to write a hemp bill right now.”

And 45 minutes later they had.

The bill passed.

It opened the door for Colorado’s Amendment 64, legalizing marijuana for adults in the Centennial State.

Lauve said hemp’s uses go way beyond brownies and bongs. He’s ringing the bell for all sorts of industrial uses.

“The United States is in a very unique position in regards to industrial hemp,” Lauve said. “Because of a few key factors, hemp production and sales are going to increase. Transportation, soil and weather conditions, accessible market and other details are potential advantages for the U.S. to have a considerable increase over many markets.”

He said American- and Colorado-made products are a growth market, even though it remains a niche market for now. He said its potential reaches into food, medicine, construction, agriculture, civil infrastructure, transportation, energy and other markets.

It’s 4:20 somewhere, usually in Sweet Leaf Pioneer. Bring in a clock — a real clock with hands that rotate clockwise, not one of those silly digital abominations — set it at 4:20, and they’ll give you 20 percent off your purchase.

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