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Pity the man who forgets about Valentine’s Day

Linda Boyne
Linda Boyne

ATTENTION MEN! Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. I repeat, Valentine’s Day is merely a few days away. In an act of public service, I surveyed The Girlfriends and I have the inside track on what women think about Valentine’s Day (V.D.). I have gone inside the female mind, a place you dare not go, to research for you.

The bad news is that women are all over the board on how they feel about V.D., unless you’re talking about the other kind of V.D. and then we’re all pretty much opposed. The good news is that I can give you a few gems of wisdom gleaned from my research to lead you through this harrowing time.

Gem #1: Regardless of their feelings about V.D., every woman expects something on February 14. Even those who are not fond of the day would be irritated if it passed unacknowledged. If you are in a committed relationship, you may not ignore the holiday and hope it goes away. It’s marked on every calendar, the stores are full of red stuff, you gotta step up, buddy! This is a day to tap into your inner Cupid and go romantic.

Gem #2: Make the gift thoughtful, as in full of thought. Make it personal to her. This is not the time for a 5:30 p.m. run to Village Market for the pre-wrapped carnations (because they’re out of roses) and a heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates. Actually, that time should never come. Think about things she likes, what she likes to do in her free time, her dislikes, her allergies. One of The Girlfriends is freaked out by hearts – this is something you should know if you are her significant other. My husband thinks the whole day is a scam created by The Man to make us spend money. So you don’t necessarily have to go expensive, just give it a few moments of contemplation.

Gem #3: Do not give her a practical gift. If she can use it to do something, or if it makes work for her, it is not romantic. One of The Girlfriends once received a tool box from her boyfriend; I don’t even think it was red. Another Girlfriend was living with her boyfriend for several years when she “got a wok instead of a rock.” Neither of these men are still in their lives. Unless you hear the words, “What I’d really like for Valentine’s Day is that yellow Dyson vacuum,” don’t go there.

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Gen #4: Is lingerie a gift for her or for you? Please ponder that while we discuss the mine field of selecting the correct style, size, color, etc. Maybe you should let her take care of that one.

Gem #5: The old stand-bys of jewelry and roses are O.K., but a little twist is good. My close Girlfriend thinks “red roses are for courting. You got me now, try another color.” Others love red roses. Some don’t want roses at all. Figure out what your woman wants. And quite honestly, jewelry is always good.

Gem #6: To dine out or in? If you go out, choose the restaurant carefully. One of my dear Girlfriends felt a bit slighted last year after a cafeteria-style dinner; plastic trays and all-you-can-eat are not sexy. On the flip side, a meal made by you is a lovely gift, especially if you don’t normally cook. Just make sure it’s edible. Even if it’s all takeout, the thought behind the gesture is lovely and romantic. Score points for you.

So, good luck to you. Here’s wishing you a happy and successful Valentine’s Day.

Linda Boyne is an Edwards resident and a regular columnist for The Vail Trail. E-mail comments about this column to editor@vailtrail.com.

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