Planning ahead for spring trips |

Planning ahead for spring trips

Gail Molloy
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Winter has reared its head for the first time this season, which might have some people thinking ahead to warm spring weather and spring trips. Now is a good time to start planning for those end-of-winter excursions. Here are a couple questions you might have regarding trips for the coming spring.

Question: What are some good ideas for a spring trip to offer our employees as an incentive to increase sales?

Answer: A great question, now that all the businesses are gearing up for what is forecasted to be a great winter. Using an end of season trip as a carrot for increased sales is a real thing to dream about. A bonus at the end of the season is one thing, but imagining white sands and aquamarine seas is quite another.

There are incentive trips to fit any budget, from $900 per person including airfare to Cancun or the Riviera Maya to a journey on a luxury small ship to Tahiti and the South Sea islands at $4,700 including airfare.

The Paul Gauguin Cruises is offering this deal now, 50 percent off the normal rate. Now, that’s a dream.

Q: Our school would like to plan an educational trip for the spring. Any ideas?

A: Some great ideas would be an historical trip to Washington, D.C., or a geographical trip to the Grand Canyon or a train trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

Usually a travel agent can get rates for your school that would include the teacher, and they could build an educational segment around the trip.

Q: What kind of trip could be used as a fundraiser for a charitable organization?

A: Find out first what your donors are interested in. A cultural trip is always a great idea for this kind group. People plan at least a year in advance, but you can just put a deposit down and start selling the group.

Right now, river cruises to Europe and beyond are the thing to do. The nice thing about river cruising is that you don’t spend a lot of time sailing from place to place. You are in a city, doing and seeing what you want every day. You then return to your floating hotel for the evening. No packing and unpacking and no hassle with transport.

Choose from the romantic Danube to the waterways of the Tsars or Portugal’s rivers of gold to tulips and windmills of Holland. You can choose from chateaux, rivers and wine or sailing the Irrawaddy in Myanmar or even floating down the Yangtze River in China to the magnificent Mekong. These trips bring you to the doorway of World Heritage sites galore.

These trips are structured so that the fundraising is included, and your donors buy a product that they would likely purchase anyway, plus they get to travel with fellow donors and friends. There is a sale on right now for a top-notch cruise line. The deal is a two-for-one cruise plus two-for-one airfare!

You can deposit now, start selling to donors and sail next fall.

To ask Gail a travel question, contact her at and she’ll find the answer. Gail Malloy has helped travelers at Overland Express Travel, located in Edwards, since 1971.

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