Planning for a comfortable retirement |

Planning for a comfortable retirement

Fraser Horn and Dudley IrwinVail, CO, Colorado

A comfortable retirement means different things to different people. Some people envision a leisurely retirement as a time to tour the world, visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures. Others see it as an opportunity to take up new hobbies or spend more time with family members.Whatever your retirement dreams, youll need a well conceived investment plan to help you reach them. Thats because the obstacles that stand between you and a comfortable retirement can leave you with less money than youll need when your working days are done.Social Security will probably provide only a small portion of the amount youll require to maintain your standard of living during your leisure years. And considering the vast number of people who will be drawing Social Security benefits as the population ages, no one really knows how healthy the system will be a decade or two from now.Dont count on your company pension plan to make up the difference. Pension plans offer no guarantees should the company go out of business.If youre fortunate enough to have a solid pension plan, it may still only provide about half of the amount needed to maintain your standard of living in retirement, according to retirement-planning experts. But even if you have a terrific plan, can you be sure that you wont be right-sized before you plan to retire?If you want to build a comfortable nest egg, you need to start investing now and regularly put away as much as you can. Its never too early to start investing for retirement. And if youve never established an investment plan independent of your employers program, its never too late to begin.Assume that you invest just $200 monthly in an account that earns 8 percent annually. After five years, your account will be worth $14,589; after 10 years, $36,025. Twenty years? $113,800.To keep your money growing faster than inflation, invest a portion of your portfolio in securities with the potential to outpace inflation. Historically, stocks have been the best-performing asset class. In fact, stocks outpaced inflation more than three to one from the end of 1925 to the end of 2004 (keep in mind that past performance cannot guarantee future results).Find out how much youll need to secure your retirement dreams — and the amount you should be putting aside each year — by talking with your financial advisor. He or she can help you chart a course of action to get the most out of your money — and work toward securing your retirement dreams.The accuracy and completeness of this material are not guaranteed. The opinions expressed are those of Fraser M. Horn and Dudley M. Irwin and are not necessarily those of Berthel Fisher or its affiliates. This material is distributed solely for information purposes and is not a solicitation of an offer to buy any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. Provided courtesy of Fraser M. Horn and Dudley M. Irwin, Investment Advisor Representatives with Berthel Fisher in Edwards, C.Registered Representative of and securities offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. Member NASD/SIPC. 1st & Main Investment Advisors is independent of BFCFS.

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