Plea expected in Vail Pass remains case |

Plea expected in Vail Pass remains case

BOULDER, Colorado – A former FBI witness charged in four deaths is scheduled to be in court in Boulder, Colo., where he is expected to enter a plea on two counts of second-degree murder.

Scott Lee Kimball is due in court Thursday on one count in the death of his uncle, Terry Kimball, and another count in the deaths of Jennifer Marcum, LeAnn Emry and Kaysi McLeod.

Kimball has led authorities to the remains of Terry Kimball and Emry, but Marcum’s remains have not been found despite searches in eastern Utah. It’s unclear how that affects an agreement calling for Kimball to plead guilty in only one death if he helped authorities with the “successful recovery” of the remains of Terry Kimball, Emry and Marcum.

Kimball’s remains were found near Vail Pass.

McLeod’s remains were found earlier.

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