Please keep jj in your thoughts |

Please keep jj in your thoughts

Jesse is headed to Glenwood Veterinary Hospital for surgery on Monday, April 7th. After nearly a year and a half battling the abscesses in his shoulder originally caused by Pigeon Fever, his infection appears to have been reduced to one small site in his scapula (shoulder bone). It is the hope of Dr. Tom Bohannon and Glenwood Vet Hospital that because the infection is so reduced and localized, that the infected (and also possibly dead) bone tissue can be (relatively) easily removed, speeding Jesse James along the path to complete recovery. Please keep dear JJ in your thoughts as he makes his journey to the hospital and has surgery on Monday. He will stay in Glenwood to recover until Wednesday when he will return “home” to MVHR and be under the daily care of a team of his most devoted volunteers. If all proceeds as planned, he should be well along his way to full recovery within 30 days — just in time for green grass and summer time! If you’d like to be a part of Jesse James’ amazing recovery by helping MVHR finance his surgery and hospital stay, note “Jesse James” when you make a donation to MVHR at

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