Please make it end |

Please make it end

Pressed in a pile of panicked female flesh at Vail’s fuBar Feb. 19, I vowed that after one final article I would never again type the names “Ryan” and “Trista” on my keyboard.And now, there you have it, I’ve blown yet another blood oath offered up the column gods. But I have a good reason.When I innocently caroused the bar where Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter held court for so many weeks during the Wednesday night airings of ABC’s “Bachelorette” TV show, it was not my intent to seek out the cattiest, nastiest quotes the women of Vail could come up with. It just turned out that way.That night, when I posted the story of the finale in which former Miami Heat cheerleader Trista Rehn picked Ryan and he promptly proposed on The Vail Trail Web site (, I had no intentions of swinging open the gates of Internet hell and unleashing the fury of a thousand smitten farm girls in Iowa. But that’s what happened.We had about 10 or 11 times our average number of visitors to our Web site Feb. 20, not to mention dozens of letters calling Vailites (especially the female ones) everything from snobs to jealous bitches. I’d just like to say, those letters hurt, ladies.I, for one, am happy for Trista and Ryan, and hope they do settle here (please see our Real Estate Journal insert for potential pleasure palaces). Ryan has already usurped the title of Most Notable Vail Celebrity from former “90210” star Ian Ziering, a Cordillera resident, and Sutter’s 15 minutes can be stretched to 15 years of American Ski Classics if he stays.No, what I’m jealous of is the attention Ryan and Trista have stolen away from the real news. For example, did you know we’re about to invade Iraq? Talk about bad reality TV. Hours and hours of Smart Bomb footage on CNN and MSNBC, and no weekly viewing parties at local bars.Also in last week’s issue, I wrote a story about secret propaganda troops training at Camp Hale, possibly for deployment in the War on Terrorism, in an all-out bid to spread democracy behind the barrel of an M-16. To date, zero letters to the editor and likely only a trickle of interest on our Web site.And finally, here’s some real news the whole “Bachelorette” frenzy has overshadowed: How much vacation does a Vail firefighter get? Where’s all the money for those T-shirts going? And how many Vail tax dollars have been spent dealing with the fallout from the white-hot media spotlight?Enough to pay for a new West Vail fire station?Enquiring minds want to know. qDavid O. Williams is managing editor of The Vail Trail and has been an editor and writer in the Vail Valley for more than 10 years. E-mail him at

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