Plexiglass plundered; shotgun shelved in Vail |

Plexiglass plundered; shotgun shelved in Vail

Christine Ina Casillas

An entire Plexiglass window at the bus stop was taken, replaced with nothing but damages to the frame. The suspect is still on the loose, leaving the police with little to few leads, the report said.

But it didn’t stop the police from assisting a resident that same day who brought in a shotgun that belonged to a friend of his.

The resident brought in the shotgun because he “became a Buddhist” and destroyed all of his guns, throwing them “in the trash,” police reports said.

The resident said his friend left the shotgun at his house years ago, but he didn’t want it anymore.

Vail police officers called the friend, who said he also wanted to see the gun destroyed.

Avon man tries to stay out of the cold

The arrival of the winter season has some people scrambling for clothes, coats, gloves and boots.

For one Avon resident, he apparently marched into the Avon City Market, grabbed a coat off the rack, took the tags off and walked out the door wearing it, said Avon police officials.

City Market workers stopped him at the door and were able to recover the coat, officials said. But the man was issued a summons for larceny.

That was just one incident that happened in Avon over the holiday weekend.

The night of the snowstorm, Nov. 26, Avon police responded to three accidents, starting in the morning with a woman hitting a deer on Interstate 70.

The front end of her car was severely damaged from the deer, but no injuries were reported, officials said.

“We don’t know how much of this was determined because of the weather,” said Krista Jaramillo, Avon police administrative assistant.

A two-car pile-up on East Benchmark Road stopped traffic for a while, and police attended to victims in a two-car accident on the interstate but, again, no injuries were reported. A hit-and-run accident occurred at Beaver Creek Place near the Columbine Bakery.

“We were pleasantly surprised that it was so,” Jaramillo said. “It was a lot slower than we anticipated.”

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