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Poems that examine the ‘Meaning of Mountains’

Rosanna Turner
Vail CO Colorado
HL K.K. Cherry 2 KA 9-14-11

K.K. Cherry never intended to write a book, but after a chance encounter with a young man at a bookstore in Aspen, she did just that. He read a few of her poems and urged her to publish them. Finding a publisher wasn’t as hard as Cherry initially thought. A simple phone conversation with publisher Mercury Heartlink resulted in her new poetry collection, “Meaning of Mountains.” In addition to her book, Cherry is a painter who has created a series of paintings that visually represent “Meaning of Mountains.”

“Mountains” explores what Cherry calls the “mountains within ourselves.” The book is divided into two sections, “Nature” and “Personal.” The poems in “Nature” suck the reader into Cherry’s world and create the feeling that one is experiencing the sights, sounds and emotions right along with her. Cherry has a knack for describing the Colorado landscape in a fresh and vivid way.

The “Personal” recalls Cherry’s memories growing up in Illinois before moving to Colorado at the age of four. Written from a child’s point of view, these poems invoke Cherry’s humor and youthful spirit. A Vail native since 1966, poetry came naturally to Cherry at an early age.

“I write everyday. I get a flash or a speck of something and I just go with it,” she said. “I believe it’s a catharsis of sorts.”

Cherry is a firm believer in poetry’s ability to both arouse one’s senses and quiet the mind.

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“In this age of the internet and texting, our senses are being assaulted,” she said. “Too often we’re going so fast so quickly, we don’t stop to notice the growth of a flower or a root shooting up from a rock. Poetry is a way to sustain and extend contemplation of something.”

Cherry hopes that her poems will reawaken in others the “vital importance of staying in tune with awe and nature.”

Cherry plans to hold poetry readings of her new book this fall. She believes that reading poems out loud is an important part of the experience. With a clear voice and strong visual descriptions, it’s easy to close one’s eyes and let Cherry’s poems paint a vibrant picture.

“I’ve often believed that poetry is very intimate, it has a rhythm, a sound, a texture, it’s a tapestry, a closure in and of itself,” said Cherry.

K.K. Cherry’s “Meaning of Mountains” is currently available at the Bookworm in Edwards and the Betty Ford Amphitheater Cabin in Vail. A copy can also be checked out at the Vail Public Library.

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