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Points of light

Butch Mazzuca

Question: What do you do when you can’t buy a Christmas gift for the many people who extend themselves on our behalf every day? Answer: You tell your readers about them! The following then, is a (brief) compendium of lights that shine brightly in our valley.Not all postal workers fit the “Newman” mold of the late “Seinfeld” show. There are a few, such as Charlie and Kelley and Richard and Nelson at the Edwards Post Office, who are genuinely customer oriented. My experience with just about everyone who works at the Edwards branch has been positive. I’ll bet that if you have cause to go there today, a friendly hello or an acknowledgement of these comments might make their day.– n n With skis season here, it’s impossible not to recognize Dave, Douglass and the crew at The Boot Lab in Lionshead – easily the premier bootfitters in the valley. But it’s not just their workmanship. They take the time to treat every boot as if they were going to ski in it.– n n Who would have thought that having a roof repaired or replaced would become major brain damage? Roofers that don’t show up for appointments, talk about the parameters of the estimate then never calling back, tell you they don’t want the job after wasting your time, or who submit bids that have nothing to do with the specifications agreed upon three days earlier – good grief, I’m glad this is not an annual experience.Fortunately, Alpha Roofing (Lafayette & Edwards) stepped up to the plate and responded in a most professional manner. Steve Rodelli (one of the principals) made it easy to compare bids, made recommendations and most importantly, was timely in keeping us apprised every step of the way. While I hope I won’t have to do business with Alpha again (one roof every 25-years is my motto) I would highly recommend this company to anyone contemplating a new roof.– n nA while back I saluted Monica Donoso and Nicole McGrath for continually providing superior customer service at the Wells Fargo branch in Edwards. Well, that attitude is apparently contagious because they have been joined by Alena Chaine, Edna Mendez, Reda Johnson, Kristie Pooley, Rachel Blanco and Dan Goldstein (assistant branch manager) who always walk the extra mile for their customers. — n n Normally I just go on-line when making travel plans, but sometimes travel agencies are necessary to find those great packaged tours. So it’s nice to know that when complications occur (especially in another country) that your travel agent is ready, willing and able to assist as Laurie and Patsy of Overland Travel in Edwards have done for me in the past. Thank you ladies, you were a great help.– n n Once again, Any Occasion Gifts in Edwards exceeds expectations. Studies have shown that consumers want two of the following: quality, service or price. But Daryl and Greg consistently provide all three. Thank you.– n nAlso falling into the category of providing the three pillars of customer care are Beaver Framing in Avon and Riverwalk Wine & Spirits. The folks at Beaver Framing always take the time to assist with special requests, their work is flawless and the price is right. Similar comments can be made about Jarrett at Riverwalk Wine and Spirits in Edwards. Jarrett’s helpfulness and knowledge of wine make shopping there a pleasure.– n n When the UPS Store in Edwards changed hands a few months ago I fully expected a drop-off in service. But what a pleasant surprise to discover that the new owners have maintained the same high standards – thanks to Nick and the entire staff.– n nIt can be tricky recognizing competitors, but I have to try because if you choose Petit Photography in Avon, Rex Photography & Foto Finish or Sandy’s Picture Perfect (both in Edwards) for you photographic needs, you can’t go wrong. — n nTen years ago, Deputy Tanny McGinnis of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office took it upon herself to develop the Boundaries Program for teens and has been making presentations to high schools in the valley and across the state instructing teens about setting appropriate boundaries regarding drugs, alcohol, date rape, dating violence and sexual assault prevention.Deputy McGinnis’ program is interactive, fun for the teens and most importantly, it works! A portion of the program is committed to educating young men with preventive measures from accusations of sex assault and the definitions of consent. Teens who have completed the three-hour program in school gain a clearer understanding about setting personal boundaries vis-a-vis drugs, alcohol and the ramifications of date rape including its legal definition. If your child’s school has not been involved in this program, call Deputy McGinnis at the Sheriff’s Office at 328-8510 to schedule the program for your teen’s school.– n n Points of light are sometimes found in the most unusual places, and I found several at the Eagle County Jail. As part of volunteer work for the Sheriff’s Office, I was given an in depth tour of the jail in Eagle. There, Sheriff’s Deputies Shay McCole and David Dinowitz provided me with a first-hand look at the workings of our county jail, and it wasn’t what I expected.While the inmates are certainly not coddled, they are treated with dignity and respect. The result: fewer internal incidents than what many facilities in other counties experience. Deputy McCole’s comment, “These aren’t necessarily bad people; they’re people who have made some bad choices,” speaks volumes about how the Sheriff’s Office has chosen to operate “the system.” Jails by nature are awful places. But from my conversations with the deputies, it’s apparent that Sheriff Joe Hoy, Capt. Bill Kaufmann (jail administrator) and our prior sheriff, A.J. Johnson, chose to establish a humane culture in a most unexpected place.– n n And finally, special kudos go to the Sheriff Office’s victim advocacy personnel, Deena Ezzell, Lorraine Valladares and Glady Petit and their volunteers, who provide real-time support to citizens of the valley during times of need. Butch Mazzuca of Singletree, a Realtor, writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at bmazz68@earthlink.netVail Colorado

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