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Police blotter: ‘Chubby’ man in the bushes in Gypsum

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

GYPSUM – A 48-year-old woman called deputies about a “peeping Tom” at Gypsum’s Tower Plaza Apartments on Aug. 2.

The caller told officers she was fully clothed when she heard a rustling in the bushes outside her window. She thought someone might be in the bushes because she had heard of prowlers being in the area previously. She pulled the blinds quickly and surprised a white, “chubby” man with a mustache wearing all black. He was directly outside her window and started running east along the building as the woman screamed and called 911.

The apartment manager told police she would warn residents to keep their blinds closed and report suspicious activity.

Stolen gun

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GYPSUM – A man told deputies his Mossberg (Maverick) 12-gauge shotgun was stolen from his pickup truck between Aug. 3 and Aug. 4. The vehicle was parked at a residence on Red Hill Road in Gypsum.

The man said his truck’s door locks didn’t work, so the car was unlocked at the time of the theft.

A neighbor told officers she saw two men on the driver’s side of the truck with the door open and one of the men inside. She described the men as about six feet tall, wearing dark clothing and baseball caps.

The same neighbor reported her car alarm going off around 4 a.m. July 17. An officer asked her why she didn’t report the suspicious activity around the truck and she said she didn’t know.

Jail theft

EAGLE – A 39-year-old female jail inmate reported items stolen during her stay at the facility July 27.

She said she bought two $10 phone cards while in holding when she was being booked into the jail July 24. She said she used the cards briefly. When she attempted to use the cards again, she was informed their value was used up.

She didn’t understand how the cards lost value so quickly – she only remembered making one phone call on each. Her 18-year-old cell mate told her that was the way the cards were, that they are not good for many calls.

The older woman bought another phone card July 26. She made maybe one call. When she tried to use it again she was informed the card’s value was too low. She gave the phone card numbers to a sergeant at the jail and requested him to check their values.

Looking at the call records, the inmate saw numerous numbers of calls she hadn’t made, totaling over 80 minutes.

The teenage cell mate admitted to taking and using the cards. She said she initially thought she wouldn’t get caught but then later thought she would. She was placed in lockdown for stealing the cards and violating the rules of the facility. A charge of theft was also added to her booking sheet.

Someone doesn’t like school

GYPSUM – On Monday, Aug. 2, deputies responded to a report of vandalism at Gypsum Elementary School that occurred over the weekend.

They found two double-paned windows had been broken with rocks, which were found at the scene. They estimated the total damage to cost about $1,500.

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