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Police break up drunken brawl

Ashley Dickson
Summit County Correspondent
Vail CO, Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado ” A booze-fueled dispute between two men about actions taken by one toward the other’s sister turned into a full-on brawl that drew police to a local bar.

The men were hitting each other repeatedly in the face, when cops arrived to restrain them both and find out who, and what, started the altercation.

One of the men accused the other of trying to hurt his sister, prompting him to rush to her defense. When the fighting broke out, onlookers called police.

Despite the arrival of authorities, the other man refused to calm down and screamed at his opponent, taunting him that the fight would continue when police were no longer present.

The screaming man was then asked how much he had had to drink that night, to which he replied: “Man, I know I am so wasted drunk.”

Officers charged the man with assault at the Summit County Jail later they discovered that he had given them a fake name.

Apparently guards at the jail recognized the man by a different name, and authorities learned that not only did he have two active warrants for his arrest, but also he had been deported from the United States several times.

In addition to the assault charge, the man was charged with criminal impersonation, and he was advised to think twice the next time he felt the need to announce how drunk he was to police.

Unofficial neighborhood watch

Police were called to a local condominium complex after the property manager noticed that someone had spray-painted a message in the fire lane of the parking lot.

Officers heard from neighbors that there was an ongoing problem with people parking in the fire lane, and residents at one of the nearby units had taken it upon themselves to call a tow truck every time a car was seen parked there.

A neighbor who recently had gotten her car towed from that spot provided police with the cell-phone number of the man who had apparently used the black top as a canvass to send a message.

The spray paint in the fire lane read “Do not park here, or unit 113 will have you towed,” and the man responsible claimed he was just trying to help other residents because the lane was not properly marked.

The man told officers that he felt guilty about the incident but that he was frustrated that people were getting towed from a lane that was not clearly marked as a no-parking zone.

Managers at the condominium complex said they did not want to press any formal charges, and the man was issued a summons for criminal mischief.

Hopefully this incident will prompt condo authorities to re-think the placement of their parking signs so that no more cars have to be towed in the future.

The paperwork is crucial

A routine traffic stop resulted in serious consequences after the driver of the vehicle was unable to provide the car’s registration, insurance or title.

The driver said she had just bought the car from a friend and had not yet been able to obtain a registration or buy insurance.

When officers checked the license plates, records indicated it belonged to another owner, and the driver told police she was “borrowing the plates from a friend until she got her own.”

Officers politely explained that license plates on loan were not valid, and the driver was forced to find another way home when police suspended her license and called a tow-truck to take the car.

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