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Police Briefs

Scott Cunningham

Firemarshal BillAn unidentified, intoxicated guest at a hotel in Vail sprayed a fire extinguisher all over a third floor hallway on Nov. 16. A maintenance man discovered the mess and reported it to Vail Police. According to the worker, several parties in the area were drunk and rowdy, but until surveillance camera tapes are analyzed, the Police have no leads and the case is inactive.Mrs. MagooA woman fell into an open storm drain in Lionshead on Nov. 13. Although she bruised her shin, the woman refused medical attention. Town employees have since replaced the drain cover.LemonlessThe “lemon” was ripped off of the door of the Vail Village popcorn wagon on Nov. 9. A wooden sign advertising “fresh squeezed lemonade” was forcibly removed from the wagon by an unknown assailant. There are no leads.StalkerA Vail woman found sets of suspicious footprints in the snow leading up to various windows and doors of her residence on Nov. 16. Vail Police were unable to identify the footprints due to the fact that they were frozen over.Earlier in the week, the woman had received a suspicious phone call from an unknown male caller who said in a “quiet” voice, “I want you to join my wife and I in a threesome.” Vail Police recorded the incident as a suspicious occurrence, but there are no leads and the case is inactive.Six Bags Too ManyAn Avon male was arrested on Nov. 15 for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. After purchasing a 12-pack of beer with his underage cousin, the male suspect hit another vehicle while backing out of the parking lot. Two Avon Police Officers witnessed the incident and stopped the vehicle, at which point the suspect hopped out of the driver seat and jogged back to the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, one of the officers smelled the odor of marijuana drifting out of the passenger side window. Both the suspect and his cousin denied smelling the odor, but eventually the suspect admitted to having “one bag” in his car. Upon searching it however, officers found seven bags with similar product in similar amounts.No Free FlicksA man was arrested for shoplifting six DVD movies from City Market in Avon on Nov. 11. He asked a clerk in the Movie Section if he could pay for the DVD’s at the front counter, then walked around the store for a short time and left without paying. The clerk caught up with the suspect at his car and escorted him to the manager’s office, where the man admitted to the crime of larceny.

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