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Police: Prank caller offers drugs to cop

GULFPORT, Fla.” Investigators arrested a 14-year-old boy who apparently dialed a really, really wrong number.

Authorities said the boy offered to sell drugs to the person on the other end, who happened to be a police detective.

After the call, Gulfport detective Matt Parks arranged to meet the teen in the parking lot of a school to buy an ounce of marijuana and some crack cocaine, according to a police report. When the boy showed up Sunday, he was charged with possession of 18 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school.

The 22-year-old driver of the car the boy was riding in was charged with a similar count and with for driving with a suspended license.

Parks’ phone number is unlisted, and there were no similar numbers found in the boy’s cell phone, police said. Detectives said the boy, whose name was not released, likely dialed a random number looking for a customer.

Parks said Tuesday that the boy has been released.

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