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Police reports: Ghostly encounter in Eagle

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – Eagle Police were called to a local motel Nov. 5 when employees reported a guest was running down the hall, yelling about how she could see ghosts in her room.

The staff asked for help dealing with the woman, who arrived at the motel after contact with Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies earlier in the day. During that contact, deputies noted the woman was confused and did not even know what state she was in. Motel staff said they were concerned for her safety and believed she needed help.

When officers contacted the woman, they reported she appeared confused and upset. She began searching her pockets for her room key, but she was unable to find it. After motel staff provided another key, the officers entered the room with the woman and reported everything seemed normal. The woman, however, insisted that there were many other people in the room. She was unable to answer many simple questions and she became verbally combative at times during the interview. She told officers the ghosts were trying to kill her, and at one point ran to the other side of the room to escape a phantom attack.

The officers reported she displayed characteristics consistent with schizophrenia. The woman said she had seen a doctor who prescribed medication, but she refused to take the drugs because she did not like doctors and did not trust their methods of care. The officers reported she became more confused as the interview continued.

Ultimately a representative from Colorado West Regional Mental Health performed an evaluation and the woman was cleared to return to her hotel room. No further incidents were reported that evening.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado – A deputy was dispatched to handle a traffic complaint in Beaver Creek on Oct. 30. A Beaver Creek Security officer almost had a head-on collision with a Kia sedan trying to pass another car in a no-passing zone. Another Beaver Creek Security officer managed to stop the driver and call sheriff’s deputies.

The 24-year-old driver told a deputy he was sorry for almost causing an accident and that he didn’t have a license. He said he was late for work and tried to pass a car in front of him.

The deputy checked the man through dispatch. His license was under restraint for an alcohol conviction. The man was arrested for driving without a license and careless driving.

EAGLE, Colorado – Eagle Police responded to a criminal mischief report Nov. 9. A local youth said he left his car at the Back Bowl parking lot between 8 and 9:30 p.m. the previous evening. When he returned to the vehicle, he found magazines glued to the windshield and hood of his vehicle. He tore them off and threw them away and didn’t think much about the incident until the next morning when he saw how bad the glue damage was. The youth said he didn’t know who could have caused the damage, but suspected it was a classmate.

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