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Police reports: Group of men assaults teens in Edwards

Eagle Valley Enterprise
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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EDWARDS – A deputy responded to a fight in progress at Lake Creek Village in Edwards on Oct. 25.

As the officer arrived at the scene, he saw several men running between buildings toward the river. He came around a corner and saw four other men. One man was holding an injured hand and another was bleeding from a cut above his eye and from his nose and mouth. The two 18-year-old men said they had just been jumped.

The man with the bloody face said he had been involved in a fight in Avon earlier that night. He said he pulled into a parking lot when some guys walked over and started yelling at him. They accused him of throwing eggs at their car. The teen said it wasn’t him but the men started pushing him back and forth and threw him to the ground. At that point, someone yelled that police had been called and the men dispersed.

The teen then went to Lake Creek Village to pick up some friends as planned. One of his friends was the man with the injured hand, who was with him when the men came back.

They were waiting outside the apartments for a friend when a group of men surrounded them. The victims didn’t know if it was the same men as before, but they yelled at them for throwing eggs and then started punching them. A car drove by, honking its horn, and the driver told the group that deputies had been called, which is when the men ran off.

The teens said they had never seen the men before.

Road rage resolved in parking lot

A deputy responded to a fight that broke out between two men in a parking lot on Edwards Access Road on Oct. 28.

The middle-aged men said they were fighting about a traffic dispute on Interstate 70. One of the men admitted to following the other one to the parking lot to confront him.

Neither man wanted to press charges. They shook hands, apologized and were cited for disorderly conduct before going their separate ways.

Later that day, a woman reported that her car was damaged during the scuffle. She said the back of her hatchback was dented when the men pushed up against it.

The deputy contacted the men and they agreed to split the cost of the damage.

Gas ‘n go

The driver of a black Range Rover left an Edwards gas station without paying for $86.92 of fuel that he pumped on Oct. 28.

An employee had approached the driver about paying. The man motioned that he was going to pull up to a parking spot in front of the store but he drove off when the employee turned her back.

Bike lock cut

Two custom Dean mountain bikes were stolen from a bike rack on a car parked on Stone Creek Drive in Eagle-Vail. The bikes were locked to the rack with a 3/8-inch cable that was cut between 10 p.m. Oct. 23 and 8 a.m. Oct. 24.

The bikes were worth about $4,000 each. They both had titanium couplers on the frames that allowed them to fold for compact storage. Both had white forks with dual disc brakes. One had a lime green XXL men’s frame with 29-inch wheels. The other had a pink women’s XS frame.

Vandalized ranch gate

The owner of a ranch on Alkali Creek Road suspects hunters might be responsible for a mechanical gate that was damaged in mid-October.

The control box for the gate was smashed and the wires were removed. The solar panel was also ripped off. The rancher said he often finds cut fences on his property around hunting season and thought the gate damage could be related to hunters.

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