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Police reports: Interrupting bystander detained after bar fight

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – When Eagle Police were recently called to break up a fight at a local restaurant, the only person who received a warning was a fellow who kept disturbing the officers as they attempted to conduct their investigation.

According to the police report, about 40 people scattered around the restaurant parking lot when the two Eagle patrolmen arrived. When the officers spoke with the security guard on the scene, the man said there were approximately 10 fights in the area prior to the police arriving. The guard said he attempted to break up the fights and he injured a finger in the process.

While interviewing the guard and other witnesses, the police officers reported that a man kept interrupting them. They asked him to leave several times, but he would not go away. Eventually, the officers said the man begin to swear loudly and use obscene language. When one of the officers again told the man to leave, he instead approached him in an aggressive manner. At that point, the officer handcuffed the man.

After being handcuffed, the man calmed down and was released with a warning for disorderly conduct and obstruction. Police were unable to obtain any victim or suspect information at the scene, and no charges were filed.

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BEAVER CREEK – On Feb. 14, a snowplow driver in Beaver Creek noticed a damaged gate and one set of tire tracks leading up to it.

A license plate was found at the scene. The plate belonged to a rental car registered to a Florida man who owned property in the area.

Since the man owned property there, Beaver Creek officials decided to not press charges and handle it in house. The suspect is expected to pay for the damage.

EAGLE – Police were called to a residence in Eagle Feb. 10 when a local woman said her vehicle was damaged while it was parked on the street. The woman said she parked partially in a driveway and partially in the street so she could pick up her children from a neighbor’s home. While the officer was speaking with the woman, a neighbor approached and said he had seen a black sport-utility vehicle hit her car. He reported an older female was driving and a younger female was a passenger in the suspect car. The neighbor also told police the SUV had driven by the area twice since the accident occurred and he provided the vehicle’s license-plate number.

The officer aired a vehicle description over the radio, and a second Eagle policeman reported he was in the midst of a traffic stop with the SUV. The vehicle occupants said they were backing out of the driveway when they hit the other car. They said they did not see the vehicle because the back window of the SUV was dirty. They drove away from the area, but then pulled over to assess any damage to their car. Then they drove back to the accident scene to see if the other car was damaged.

The women said they didn’t think the other car was damaged and they didn’t stop because they knew they were at fault in the accident. The driver provided police with a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance information and apologized to the women whose car she hit. The SUV driver was cited for failure to notify police of an accident, leaving the scene of an accident without providing information and unsafe backing.

EAGLE – Eagle Police responded to the Eagle Ranch area on a report of harassment Feb. 1 after an adult woman confronted a 13-year-old boy about how he was walking the family dogs.

The boy’s father contacted police after the woman yelled at his son. The youth, who police described as “visibly upset,” told the officer he always walks his two small dogs by tying them to his Razor scooter. He said he is always careful with the animals.

The youth said he was exercising the dogs around 5:30 p.m. when a woman started yelling at him. He said she asked him if he loved his dogs and told him she was a veterinarian and his actions were hurting the animals. She reportedly told the teen she should take his dogs away.

The teen said the woman grabbed his scooter, took the leashes off and threw the scooter on the ground. She then handed him the leashes and got into a silver car that was parked nearby.

The teen said his scooter was not damaged.

The boy’s father told police he wanted the woman to apologize for her behavior.

Police could not locate the woman in the area where the incident occurred and checked with local veterinary clinics but could not find anyone who matched the woman’s description. The youth was advised to call police if he encountered the woman again.

• Police were called to the Eagle Villas on a report that someone intentionally broke the siding on Building No. 4 on Jan. 30. Video surveillance footage of the incident showed the crime, but the identity of the perpetrators could not be determined.

• A teacher from Eagle Valley Middle School found screws in two of her car tires after some co-workers reported seeing three students hanging out around the vehicle. When contacted, the students said they were just playing in the area and did not know anything about the damage.

• Police were dispatched to an Eagle home Feb. 7 when a father reported his daughter brought home a handgun she had found in a nearby parking lot. When police checked the gun’s serial number, there was no criminal history associated with the weapon. Officers interviewed nearby residents, but no one reported missing the gun. The weapon was placed into police evidence for safekeeping.

• A deputy stopped a car for running a stop sign in Avon on Feb. 13. The 32-year-old driver didn’t have a license. It had been canceled for an unpaid ticket. He was cited for driving without a valid license and failure to stop at a stop sign.

• A pair of rental skis were stolen from Beaver Creek Village on Feb. 14.

• Three pairs of skis and poles were stolen from a ski locker in Avon between October and January. The owner said the lock was cheap and was probably picked by the thief, as there were no signs of forced entry.

• On Feb. 15, Peruvian residents of an Eagle-Vail apartment discovered a Spanish insult spray-painted on their door. They told a deputy that Argentineans typically don’t like Peruvians and the person responsible for the graffiti might be Argentinean. The paint was removed at a cost of $10 for supplies.

• In separate incidents, a snowboard and pair of child’s skis went missing from a Beaver Creek rental shop on Feb. 16. The items are presumed stolen.

• The back windshield of a car parked on Bellflower Drive in Vail was broken between 1 and 6 a.m. on Feb. 17.

• A bike was stolen from the second-floor balcony of an apartment on U.S. Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail. The theft occurred between Feb. 15 and 17. There were two bikes on the balcony and the more expensive one – a Specialized Stump Jumper worth about $2,600 – was taken.

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