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Police reports: Missing bike comes home

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – A Summit County man contacted Eagle Police on July 21 when he saw a Craig’s List ad featuring a custom bicycle that looked exactly like a bike that he reported as stolen back in 2009.

The Summit County man made contact with the seller and found that he resided in Eagle. He then checked the seller’s Facebook page and found he looked like an unknown male he had spotted checking out his bike before it was taken.

The Summit County man gave Eagle Police the make, model and serial number of this stolen bike, as well as the case number regarding the theft report he filed when it was taken.

After speaking with the bike owner, the Eagle officer went to the seller’s home to discuss the case. The officer eventually spotted the seller outside his residence at around 10:15 p.m. The officer told the man the bike he was trying to sell might be stolen and asked if he could look at the serial number.

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The seller refused the request, and the officer advised him not to proceed with a sale and that he would likely return with a search warrant. The man said it was too late at night to deal with the issue.

After leaving the residence, the officer again contacted the bike owner in Summit County to get more information. At about 10:45 p.m. when the officer checked Craig’s List, the bike listing had been removed.

On July 22, the officer obtained a search warrant and returned to the Eagle dwelling. The bike was not recovered during the search, and the Eagle man declined the officer’s interview request.

On Monday, July 30, the Summit County man emailed Eagle Police to report his bike had been returned to him and that he did not want to pursue charges.

EAGLE, Colorado – On July 27, Eagle Police stopped a pickup truck when it passed a couple of cars along U.S. Highway 6 in town by swerving onto the unpaved shoulder.

Noting that the two-lane highway was an active construction zone and that there was heavy vehicle traffic and a number of pedestrians in the area at the time, the officer pulled over the driver to discuss his actions.

The driver said “everyone else passes on the shoulder” and argued that the vehicle in front of him had motioned for him to go around. The officer asked if there was an emergency because his driving was dangerous.

The driver was unable to produce registration or insurance documents for the vehicle but said his employer owned the truck. He said the company had an umbrella insurance policy for its vehicles and that he was just driving it to Denver. He said a secretary at the firm had handed him plates for the truck so he could make the drive from Fruita.

When the Eagle officer checked the plates, they were registered to a Jeep from Littleton. The truck’s Vehicle Identification Number was registered to a Fruita car sales operation. The driver then admitted he knew it was improper to put another vehicle’s plates on the truck and he was uncomfortable with the situation but did it because his employer is “a good company.”

The man was issued a summons for displaying fictitious license plates, uninsured motor vehicle and passing on the shoulder. The fictitious plates were taken into evidence for safekeeping.

EAGLE, Colorado – On July 27, an Eagle Police officer stopped a pickup truck on Eby Creek Road for unreadable temporary registration.

The driver did not have his license and he provided an expired insurance card and a temporary pink slip registration. However, the pink slip VIN did not match the temporary license plate.

The driver called his boss, the owner of the vehicle, to the scene. The owner said he is having difficulty getting the title for the truck because he bought it after it had been repossessed. He said he had obtained a new temporary tag for the vehicle but the pink slip corresponded to the initial temporary tag.

The officer noted that the temporary tags both indicated “no record found” through dispatch and cited the driver for displaying fictitious plates and no proof of insurance.

EAGLE, Colorado – Two local men were reunited with their lost wallets last month.

The first happened July 25 and was found on top of a gas pump by a customer at Eagle Sinclair. The wallet contained $2 in cash, several IDs and credit cards. Police contacted the owner, who retrieved the wallet a few hours later.

The second happened July 30 and was turned in by a town of Eagle employee. The employee found the wallet on a sidewalk and it contained a driver’s license, a bank card and $72.26 in cash. The owner was contacted and he also collected his wallet the same day.

GYPSUM, Colorado – Deputies responded to a fight among three women at Gypsum’s Second Street Park on July 12. When they arrived, they saw two women pacing around with blood on them. The 21-year-old had blood on her face and was intoxicated. The 19-year-old had blood on her hands.

A 27-year-old woman was lying on the ground with blood on her face and seemed immobile due to a leg injury. She also was drunk and was taken away in an ambulance as deputies interviewed the other women.

The 21-year-old said she was walking by the 27-year-old to meet her 19-year-old friend when the 27-year-old called out, “Hey, baby girl.” The 21-year-old said she put her arm around the older woman to calm her down and then walked away. The 27-year-old jumped on her back and started hitting her.

The 19-year-old said she tried to get the woman off her friend and had to hit her to do so.

When asked how she knew the older woman, the 21-year-old said the 27-year-old slept with her husband, who was now her ex-husband.

Officers interviewed the 27-year-old the next day. The woman said she didn’t know who the 21-year-old was. Deputies told her the woman said she had slept with her husband, and then the 27-year-old remembered her. She said that was a year ago and recalled the woman making threats about fighting her.

She said the incident started when she left a laptop on the picnic table at the park for a minute and returned to see the 21-year-old yelling in her direction. The 21-year-old threw the computer on the ground and then attacked her.

Neither side of the story could be entirely confirmed. Officers cited all three women with disorderly conduct.

GYPSUM, Colorado – Deputies were escorting a heavily intoxicated woman from the Gypsum Daze concert July 21 when they were confronted by a 20-year-old man.

The man tried to pull the woman away from the officers, who restrained him. The man kicked at the deputies and continued to resist their orders until they wrestled him into handcuffs. He was cited for disorderly conduct along with the woman.

RED CLIFF, Colorado – Deputies responded to a fight at a Red Cliff bar on July 14.

They contacted a 31-year-old man at the scene. The man was with his girlfriend. He had a bruise on his face and a cut lip. He said his 34-year-old friend hit him after he confronted him about having an affair with his girlfriend.

Officers contacted the 34-year-old, who denied hitting the 31-year-old. He said the man and his girlfriend were having relationship problems so she stayed at his place for a couple of days. He said the fight broke out between the 31-year-old and an unknown man at the bar. He was trying to break up the scuffle and it was the unknown man who hit his friend.

The 31-year-old’s girlfriend said she had been at his mother’s house and came to the bar to pick him up.

The bartender wasn’t able to confirm anyone’s story. No one wanted to press charges. Deputies took custody of a pistol for safe keeping over the weekend.

EAGLE, Colorado – A deputy stopped a car for speeding on westbound Interstate 70 in Eagle on July 17 and smelled marijuana when he contacted the driver.

The 30-year-old man said one of his friends in Denver might have smoked marijuana in the car but he didn’t have any. There were several bags filled with buffalo hides among lots of trash in the car. The man said he was on his way from South Dakota, where he bought the hides, to Las Vegas. He used the hides for artwork that he sold in Las Vegas.

The officer verified that the bags were, indeed, full of hides. However, he told the man he would still be searching the car due to the strong smell of marijuana. A plastic bag of the drug was found under the driver’s seat.

The man said his friends must have left it there without him knowing and asked to just be cited for speeding. He was cited for possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana and warned for speeding. He was also instructed to stop at a Colorado Parks and Wildlife office in Canyon Creek to have the buffalo hides checked since there was no record of their legal purchase.

AVON, Colorado – A deputy was almost side-swiped by a car that turned right off a roundabout from an inside lane in Avon on July 20.

The deputy stopped the 24-year-old driver and asked if he saw him on the outside lane as he exited the roundabout. The man said no.

It was discovered the man didn’t have a driver license. He was cited for driving without a license and careless driving.

EDWARDS, Colorado – A man called deputies when he arrived at his mother’s house on N. Brett Trail in Edwards and found a 36-year-old stranger passed out on the couch in the living room.

There were several empty wine bottles and other containers around the couch and scattered around the house. The man had spilled wine down the front of his white T-shirt. The man was also barefoot.

The caretaker told him to get out. The man said he was doing work at the house but eventually complied and left.

Deputies quickly received another call from a home nearby. The man had tried to enter a house that belonged to his ex-girlfriend, who identified him for the officers. The man was caught in Vail the next day.

The woman who lived in the first house was out of town. She said there wasn’t any work being done there at the time. Earlier in the year, she gave a different man the code for the garage door so he could do work. The code hadn’t been changed since then.

The woman said she would get back to deputies with an estimate for the cost of cleaning the stained carpet and the beverages that were consumed.

• A shed on an alley off Red Hill Drive in Gypsum was graffitied between July 1 and 20. The owner didn’t know the graffiti was there until she was notified by the town.

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