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Police Reports: No camping in downtown Eagle

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

Eagle Police were called to the alley area behind a downtown business Aug. 23 on a report of a man sleeping outside the shop.

When the officer arrived around 8:15 a.m. he found two men sleeping outside a business’ back door.

The officer woke two sleeping men, who said they had just arrived in town a little after midnight and decided to camp out. When the officer asked why they didn’t look into getting a hotel room, they responded that they did not have enough money for a room. As the officer looked around the area, he noted it was littered with empty cigarette boxes and two six-packs of beer. The campers’ personal belongings were also scattered around the area.

When the officer forwarded the men’s names to the dispatch center, he learned one of the men had been contacted two days earlier as a suspicious person.

The men were cited for trespassing and advised to clean up their belongings and move along. They told the officer they were headed to Utah.

Suspicious and threatening

On Aug. 21, Eagle Police responded to a report of a suspicious man using the pay phone at a local convenience store.

The reporting party said he overheard the man threaten to stab the person he was speaking with. After he ended the call, the suspect took off on foot along the Interstate 70 overpass.

After the man’s description was aired, an Eagle County sheriff’s deputy located him near the I-70 off ramp. When officers contacted him, he said he was just talking to his girlfriend by telephone. The man said his girlfriend reported being hit by another man, which made him angry and he threatened to retaliate. He said his girlfriend told him to calm down and not get into trouble. The man maintained what he said was an emotional response to his girlfriend’s troubles and said he had no intention of hurting anyone.

The man said he was traveling to Glenwood Springs and volunteered information that he had spent time in prison for burglary and weapons charges.

The officer contacted the man’s reported girlfriend by telephone. She said she was not involved with the suspect, but her roommate was. The woman said her roommate was assaulted by her boyfriend a few days ago and when she shared that information with the suspect, he did make a comment to the effect that he should just stab the other man. The police report noted that the woman was very vague about the conversation and when asked directly if she thought the suspect would follow up on his threat she said he would not do anything like that.

No charges were filed.

Cars robbed

Three residents in an Eagle Ranch neighborhood reported their vehicles were burglarized the night of Aug. 7.

The three cars were parked in a driveway outside a residence and the burglaries happened between 10:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Items taken from a pickup truck included tools valued at $430 and an XM radio. A pair of Cabela’s pants were missing from one car and two DVD box sets of the television show “Glee” were missing from another car.

Stealing booze

Eagle Police were called to a local liquor store last week when a highly intoxicated man attempted to steal a $23 bottle of rum.

An employee caught the man in the act and called the police. When the officer arrived, he noted the suspect was clearly intoxicated. He was transported to the police department for processing and he was cited for petty theft. The officer then contacted emergency medical services to observe the man due to his intoxicated state.

EMS personnel opted to transport the man to the hospital, which cleared his admission to detox. The detox center then called police and noted due to the man’s past behavior, he would not be admitted.

The Eagle officer drove to Wolcott where he again took custody of the man. According to the police report, “He was smiling and very talkative, indicating how great the officers were who helped him.”

The officer took the man back to his residence and warned him that he needed to stay put. He agreed and noted there was no alcohol at his place.

Illegal campground

Eagle Police were called Aug. 3 to investigate an illegal campground near the Wall trailhead off of East Haystacker Drive. The area is located within the town of Eagle open space.

When he arrived, the officer noted a campsite has been set up in a small gully. There were numerous logs and trees along the gully and a sheet of plywood nailed to two pallets. The structure created a shelter, which was covered with a green tarp. Inside the shelter, the officer found several empty soda cans and a small T-shirt. The shelter and campsite were dismantled by town crews.

The officer noted a suspect in the case is a man who has previously claimed to be “a child of the river” and is known to be homeless.

Cracked windshield and no insurance

Eagle Police stopped a green SUV exiting at the I-70 off ramp after noticing the vehicle has an expired registration plate and a severely cracked front windshield.

The driver said he was aware the vehicle registration was expired. He said he didn’t drive the car often and he was bringing it to Eagle to have a friend repair it. He also provided police with an expired insurance card but he claimed he had a valid policy.

A call to the insurance company proved otherwise and the man then admitted he didn’t have valid insurance. He said he was going to Denver to cash some paychecks and obtain insurance once he had the money.

The man said his girlfriend’s insurance would cover his vehicle and he asked to call her to pick up the car. He was cited for the windshield violation and the insurance issue and issued a notice of suspension.

Miscellaneous mischief

• Eagle Police received a report of graffiti under the bridge at East Haystacker Drive. The Eagle Ranch Homeowners Association agreed to clean up the spraypainting and estimated damages at $50.

• On Aug. 16, an Eagle woman reported her son had lost his cell phone at Town Park and that she had received a text that said “Your son should be more responsible. Come find me in the bathroom.” The woman was afraid to go to the bathroom herself and an Eagle Police officer searched the area for her, where he found a cell phone next to a toilet. The woman confirmed it was her son’s phone can picked it up a town hall.

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