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Police reports: Police track down two alleged shoplifters from City Market

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – Eagle Police recently were called to City Market after a store security officer spotted a couple of shoplifters.

The store officer showed police security footage of two female suspects in the makeup aisle. The women were looking at a box of hair dye, valued at $8.77, when one of them placed the box under the poncho she was wearing. The same woman then went one aisle over and selected a can of candy, valued at $3, which she continued to carry around the store.

Eventually, one of the suspects spoke with a store employee and then the security officer attempted to contact her when she walked out the front door. The security officer said he told the woman to stop and come back inside the store, but she refused and left the parking area. The security officer took down the license-plate number of the vehicle as she drove away.

The Eagle Police officer ran the license number through dispatch and traced it to an Eagle address. She drove to the residence, along with an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy. When they arrived, the officer noted several family members were waiting outside the residence, listening to the police radio on their smartphones.

After noting the suspect vehicle was parked in the driveway, the officer spoke with the grandmother of one of the suspects. The woman denied that the suspects were inside, but another woman told officers that the two suspects were there. She also told police to be careful because one of the suspects might pick a fight.

Eventually, both of the suspects came outside to speak with police. The officer told them she had seen the security footage. One of the women became agitated, and the officer placed her into handcuffs and advised her she was being taken into custody for theft. After defusing the situation with the family members present, the officer released the woman and issued her a summons.

When asked to return the stolen items, the woman went into the house and returned with a package of hair dye. The family members reported they had eaten the stolen candy.

The officer returned to City Market with the stolen item, and the security officer noted that after he watched the footage carefully, he spotted the second suspect place a sonic toothbrush, valued at $79.99, in the other woman’s bag. After viewing the footage, the officer returned to the residence and issued the second woman a summons for theft. When asked to return the item, the woman retrieved the toothbrush but could not locate the box.

EAGLE, Colorado – Noting problems during a recent event, Eagle Police were on patrol in the Eagle Commercial Park area Oct. 29 on the night of a Halloween party at a local restaurant.

At around 1:30 a.m., officers watched a vehicle leave the restaurant parking area and continue on Chambers Avenue. The driver failed to turn on the vehicle’s headlights. The officers stopped the car a couple of blocks later.

One of the officers radioed license-plate information to dispatch, and the other made contact with the driver. The officer reported the driver was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. He told the driver to exit the vehicle and a passenger in the car was also asked to step outside.

Because of language issues, the officers called an interpreter to the scene.

When asked to produce his driver’s license, the officer reported the driver handed him a credit card and indicated he did not have a license. Eventually, the man told officers his name and date of birth, but they noted he took a long time to respond. The man initially said he had consumed two beers but then said he consumed three beers. He repeatedly told officers he was sorry and was swaying from side to side as he stood.

When the interpreter arrived, the driver repeated his name and birth date information and confirmed he did not have a driver’s license or proof of insurance. He was unable to perform roadside maneuvers, and he was taken to the Eagle County Jail for processing and a breath test.

When the test was administered, the man’s BAC was .201, more than twice the legal limit. The man was taken to detox because of his level of intoxication.

Additionally, while checking his identification, officers found the man was wanted on a warrant out of Eagle County for failure to appear on another DUI/traffic charge. They also learned that his Colorado driver’s license was revoked for the previous alcohol charge.

The man was cited for DUI and issued a notice of revocation and arrested on the outstanding warrant.

EAGLE, Colorado – An Eagle man was charged with careless driving and driving with obstructed windows after he struck the back end of a parked school bus along MacDonald Street on Oct. 31.

The man was driving westbound on Sylvan Lake Road around 7:50 a.m. when he turned onto northbound MacDonald Street and struck the back end of a parked school bus. The bus driver reported she was stopped to pick up a passenger and had the bus’s red flashing lights activated when she heard a crash and felt a bump. She then saw the vehicle that had hit the bus drive to a nearby alley and park. There were no bus injuries resulting from the collision.

The driver confirmed the story and said he did not see the bus when he turned the corner. His car sustained some damage in the incident, but he was not hurt. The Eagle Police officer noted there was only minimal damage to the rear bumper of the school bus.

When he examined the car, the officer noted that its windshield and all other windows were covered with frost except a one-foot square cleared in front of the driver’s position. The car driver was then issued the tickets.

EDWARDS, Colorado – Deputies were called to an Edwards bar on Halloween after a 45-year-old man allegedly threatened people with a gun.

A woman at the bar said the man threatened to kill her boyfriend. The woman’s boyfriend said the man showed him his permit to carry a concealed weapon and told him he was going to shoot him in the head. The couple described the man and pointed him out at the bar.

The suspect resisted as the deputies escorted him outside for questioning. He denied having any weapon and none was found, even after he allowed the officers to search his Cadillac.

The man repeatedly told the deputies that he was “a prominent figure in this county” and they would be sorry, but he failed to remember the sheriff’s name, whom he claimed to know. The man said he is “on TV a lot” and the people accusing him might have recognized him from that.

An officer replied that the couple had no idea who he was and asked the suspect if he ever mentioned his CCW permit on TV. The man said he hadn’t, and the officer asked how else the witness would know that he had a CCW permit. The man was cited for menacing.

EDWARDS, Colorado – Deputies responded to a fight at the same Edwards bar where they had dealt with an earlier disturbance that Halloween night.

Six men – two groups of three – were fighting in the parking lot. A couple of the men had swollen and bloody faces. Witnesses identified a group of three as the instigators who also kicked a man multiple times in the face after the other group tried to walk away.

The man who was kicked was taken to the hospital for further examination. The three instigators were charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

GYPSUM, Colorado – A woman living in some apartments on York View Drive in Gypsum reported a suspicious man who came into her yard on Nov. 1.

The woman’s neighbor said she saw the man go into the yard through a back gate. He saw her and said he was looking for his dog and left, running south through an empty field toward the east.

As the deputy was taking the report, another woman living in the area contacted him and said she caught a man standing outside her bedroom window on June 14. She said he was making noises of sexual gratification and ran off in the same direction.

It was unclear if the incidents were related to the same suspect.

GYPSUM, Colorado – On Nov. 3, a deputy saw a woman driving a van while frost still covered the entire windshield. The woman was using a window cleaner to try to clear the frost as she made a left turn into the Eagle Valley High School parking lot.

The deputy stopped to contact the woman about the obstructed windshield and noticed that the van didn’t have any license plates. The woman confirmed that she didn’t have insurance, either.

The vehicle was impounded, and the 22-year-old woman was cited for operating an uninsured and unregistered motor vehicle and for driving with an obstructed windshield.

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