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Police Reports: Primping at the post office?

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – On Oct. 24, a local woman called the Eagle Police Department to report that a man had harassed her earlier that day while she was at the Eagle post office.

The woman said that around 2:45 p.m., she was driving her open convertible in the post office parking lot when another car pulled in behind her and the male driver shouted an obscenity and told her to move. The woman said she placed her car in park, exited the vehicle and walked up to the man to ask if he was talking to her.

The woman claimed the man confirmed he was speaking to her, swore at her again and told her to move her car. She responded with some profanity of her own and returned to her car and parked. She said she then watched as the man continued to yell profanity while he parked his car and walked into the side door of the building.

The woman said the man made her very nervous, that she felt as if she had been verbally assaulted.

She recorded the man’s Colorado license plate number and presented the information to the police. After checking his record, the Eagle officer traced the number to a man who had a history of disorderly conduct related to a road-rage incident.

On Oct. 25, the officer contacted the man by telephone. The man said that the day before, he was driving into the Eagle post office parking lot behind a convertible. He claimed the driver stopped her car in the middle of the parking lot to apply makeup. The man claimed he politely asked the woman to move her car but she became angry and started yelling profanity at him. He said she then parked her car and he collected his mail and left and that there was nothing more to say.

The man later came to the Eagle Police Department for an in-person interview and he continued to dispute the woman’s story. He maintained he was not initially hostile and that the woman instigated the argument.

When the woman was presented with a photo lineup, she was unable to identify the suspect. She confirmed that during the incident, she became upset and defensive and used profanity. After concluding the investigation, the officer issued warnings to both parties but did not file charges for harassment or disorderly conduct.

EAGLE, Colorado – On Oct. 18, a Fort Collins man called Eagle Police to report that a local woman was in possession of an iPad that he had reported as stolen.

The man said he owns an iPad that is engraved with his company name and the telephone number for his business. He said the machine was stolen from his truck in Fort Collins and that he had reported the theft.

The man told Eagle Police that he had received a telephone call from a woman who told him that she had his iPad. He gave police the woman’s Eagle phone number and information.

When police called, the woman said she had allowed a couple of transient kids to stay at her home the previous night. One of the kids approached the woman’s son to ask him if he could unlock an iPad. The boy brought the machine to his mother, who saw the engraved information. She called the number and reached the owner, who said he would contact police.

The woman told police that the two people who had the computer were homeless and that they said they had traded food for the iPad. She said the couple did not know the machine was stolen and that she did not know their names or how to contact them.

She took the computer to the Eagle Police Department and wrote a statement. Police contacted the owner and arranged to ship the computer back to him.

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