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Police reports: Routine traffic stop leads to pot bust and an arrest

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

On Oct. 22, a Colorado State Patrol trooper was conducting a routine traffic stop when he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, police said. The trooper requested a K9 to sniff the vehicle. Deputy Jake Best, with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, responded with K9 Jake, who is a trained and certified narcotics detection canine. During Jake’s search of the vehicle, he located a large duffel bag with six pounds of marijuana in it, police said.

The driver of the vehicle, Warren R. Johnson, 30, of Avon, informed Best that the duffel bag belonged to him and that he was transporting it from somewhere outside of Eagle County, according to police. Johnson then led deputies to his residence, where they located 17 marijuana plants, an additional seven pounds of marijuana individually packaged and a variety of equipment used for packaging and distribution, police said.

Johnson was booked into the Eagle County jail on a $15,000 bond for charges of possession with intent to distribute, a class III felony.

EDWARDS, Colorado – A deputy stopped a car for defective license plate lamps on U.S. Highway 6 in Edwards on Oct. 13.

The 42-year-old driver smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech, police said. The officer asked him if he had too much to drink and he said he didn’t know, he’d only had a couple of beers.

Another deputy took over investigation at that point, and the driver was ultimately arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado – A deputy contacted a driver parked on the side of Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail on Oct. 17.

The car’s engine was idling, and it was parked on the side of the eastbound lane, but the 50-year-old driver said she was going home to Clifton, which is west of Eagle-Vail. She said she pulled over to eat some food. She added that the deputy could check with an Eagle Police officer who contacted her earlier that evening.

The woman did not appear to be entirely OK, according to police. When the officer asked to see her license, she acknowledged the request and then continued to stare straight ahead. She confirmed that she was on medication but couldn’t recall exactly when she had taken it. Her pupils were also constricted, even though it was dark out, police said.

She agreed to perform voluntary roadside sobriety tests. She failed the tests and was arrested for further investigation of DUI, police said. She submitted to a blood test and was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both. The car was towed.

EDWARDS, Colorado – Deputies received a report of a 20-year-old woman entering unlocked cars in an Edwards parking garage Oct. 17.

Officers found the woman at the scene and noted that she had a bag filled with a variety of items, including phone and iPod chargers, a lotto ticket, a fishing pole and a roll of quarters. She didn’t have any form of identification with her. She said she was waiting for friends to pick her up.

A deputy asked her where her friends were going to take her. She couldn’t answer, and the officer told her why deputies had been called. The woman admitted she had been checking unlocked cars and took the roll of quarters out of one. She said the quarters were all she took because she needed money to get home.

A 23-year-old man also was found at the scene. He said the woman was his girlfriend. He didn’t have any identification, either, and there were some random items in his possession, as well. Officers asked him why he would carry a camera lens without a camera. The man said his mom gave it to him and he just wanted to keep it with him. He consented to a pat-down search, and a marijuana pipe was found.

The woman showed the deputies which car she took the quarters from, and the officers left a note for the owner to contact them. The owner later confirmed that the roll of quarters was taken from his car, police said.

The woman was arrested for criminal trespass of a vehicle and theft. The man was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, and the remaining items were handed over to him to keep while the woman was in jail. All of the items were photographed, and officers told the man they would follow up with criminal charges if they received any theft reports for the items in question.

EDWARDS, Colorado – Deputies responded to a 911 call about an assault in Edwards on Oct. 23.

A 24-year-old woman said she saw her boyfriend sitting in a car with another woman who was 20 years old. She told deputies she wanted to talk with her boyfriend because she is pregnant with his baby and the 20-year-old punched her in the face when she wouldn’t leave. Deputies noted the 24-year-old’s face was swollen and contacted the other people separately.

The 20-year-old had a bite mark on her hand that needed stitches. She said she told the 24-year-old to get off her car. When the 24-year-old wouldn’t get off her car, she got out and confronted her. The 24-year-old pushed her, she hit the 24-year-old in the face, and the 24-year-old ended up biting her hand.

The 22-year-old man confirmed the 20-year-old’s story. He said the baby is his but he is no longer in a relationship with either woman. Both women were arrested for assault.

WOLCOTT, Colorado – An officer noticed graffiti spray painted about 6 feet above the ground on the concrete pillars of an Interstate 70 overpass near Wolcott on Oct. 19.

EAGLE, Colorado – Eagle Police were called to a residence in town at approximately 8 a.m. Oct. 16 on a report of vehicle tampering.

Upon arrival, the officer was greeted by the resident, who stated that when he came outside that morning, he found screws positioned behind three of his vehicle tires. The large drywall screws were wedged between the tire and the concrete and placed so they would puncture the tires when the man backed out of his driveway.

The man said he did not know anyone who would have tampered with his vehicle. The police officer asked if there were any teenagers in the area. The resident said his landlord has two teens at home and said he would talk with her about the situation.

The landlord called police the next day to say that no one was at the house while the vandalism occurred. She said she didn’t know anyone who would attempt to puncture her tenant’s tires. However, the landlord did say that her tenant was a Broncos fan and suggested that because there was a game on the day that the incident occurred, maybe someone who doesn’t like the Broncos was behind the attempted vandalism.

• On Oct. 20, Eagle Police reported the Eagle Ranch Golf Course Clubhouse sign on Lime Park Drive had been bent down to the ground and appeared to have been pushed over by a vehicle.

• On Oct. 16, police found a bike that had been left at the bottom of the stairs at the police department offices on Broadway. The bike was logged as found and taken inside.

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