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Police reports: Trio of calls to police results in teen’s arrest

Eagle Valley Enterprise
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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EDWARDS – The parents of a 19-year-old man called deputies the morning of Oct. 22 when they caught him drinking alcohol in their home at Lake Creek Village in Edwards.

The officers talked to the young man about underage drinking and were called again hours later. The teenager told them over the phone that his father beat him. When a deputy responded to the second call, the man initially denied he was the person who made the report.

The parents informed the deputy it was their son who made the call. They said he got angry after the first deputies talked to him, and he drank more beer and damaged items in the house. The officer cited the teen for obstructing a peace officer and underage drinking.

Later that day, deputies were called to the residence again. The parents had come home and found their son drinking vodka with friends. The teen confronted his father and hit him twice with a piece of lumber that was lying in the front yard.

When an officer returned to the home to speak with the teen, he was aggressive and uncooperative. The deputy had to point his Taser at the man to get him to show his hands and come out of the house. The man was detained in handcuffs for safety and eventually had to be forced to the ground because he fought against the deputy’s efforts to walk him away from the house.

A paramedic examined the father’s wounds and determined he needed stitches.

The 19-year-old was arrested for assault, criminal mischief and underage drinking.

GYPSUM – On Oct. 17, deputies were notified about a disturbance at a Gypsum restaurant that occurred on Oct. 15.

A 41-year-old man was loud and obnoxious at the eatery. He made fun of the food and howled and barked. At least one customer came in and left because of the man.

The man also demanded a discount because he was a firefighter with two agencies in Eagle County. Then he said he knew all the sheriff’s deputies and then brought up his military service. His companion finally told him to give up because he was clearly not getting a discount.

The man went on to insult the female employee’s appearance.

A deputy contacted a fire chief of one of the agencies the suspect mentioned. The chief said he was aware of the incident and gave the deputy a name.

The officer contacted the suspect and the man said he was sorry. He said he was joking around and had already called the restaurant owner to beg forgiveness.

WOLCOTT – On Oct. 17, a resident on Vail Ranch Road in Wolcott saw a man remove two 20-foot log poles from a ditch on his property and drag them to a neighbor’s house with a four-wheeler.

A deputy found the suspect at the neighboring property, where the 38-year-old man was using the logs to build a fence. He told the officer that he worked for the family there. He had seen the logs in the ditch for some time and did not know if they belonged to anyone.

The man was cited for theft and criminal mischief.

GYPSUM – A deputy stopped a 19-year-old man for speeding on Interstate 70 near Gypsum on Oct. 17.

The officer checked the man’s driver’s license through dispatch and discovered it had been revoked for driving while under the influence of alcohol. The man’s insurance was also expired.

The teen was arrested for driving with a revoked license and cited for going 92 mph in a 75 mph zone.

• A Gypsum resident was getting into his van to go to church on Oct. 9 when he noticed someone had vomited in the seats and console. The vehicle had been left unlocked in the driveway on Spring Circle since the previous afternoon.

• An employee of a Beaver Creek hotel changed into his work uniform at the hotel on Oct. 11. After his shift, he discovered his jeans were missing, along with keys and a wallet that contained his green card, social security card, driver’s license and cash.

• Four bikes went missing from a barn on Gold Dust Drive in Edwards between August and Oct. 4. Their total value was about $13,000.

• On Oct. 13, a resident on Price Lane in Gypsum reported seeing a suspicious man prowling around the townhomes twice in the previous three weeks. The first time the resident saw the man, the man noticed him and walked away. The second time, the man said he was looking for a dog. The man was seen both times around 5 a.m.

• The assistant principal of Homestake Peak School reported that six Apple MacBooks worth about $1,000 each were missing after summer break, when assets from the old school building – Meadow Mountain Elementary – were moved.

• A woman’s car was heavily scratched from end to end while it was parked at an Edwards residence on U.S. Highway 6 between Oct. 13 and Oct. 14.

• A 1991 Coleman pop-up camper went missing while it was parked on Shrine Pass, about five miles from the top of Vail Pass. The trailer’s license plates were expired, but deputies determined it had not been towed. The camper was last seen Oct. 15, and the owner noticed it was gone Oct. 18. It was described as green and white and worth $3,000.

• On Oct. 17, an Eagle-Vail resident reported that a bag of jewelry was stolen from her home on Daisy Lane. The home had been up for sale since 2009, and many people had toured the inside since then. The bag was hidden behind sweaters on a shelf in the bedroom closet and contained gold and diamond jewelry with a cumulative value of $11,495.

• A car was scratched along the entire passenger side while it was parked in front of a garage on Lake Creek Village Boulevard in Edwards between Oct. 18 and Oct. 19.

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