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Police reports: Worried for her mom

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.GYPSUM, Colorado – A 25-year-old woman called deputies on May 6 to report that her 45-year-old mother was intoxicated and violating her probation.The daughter said her mother was not supposed to drink alcohol and had removed her ankle monitor a couple of weeks ago. She added that her mother has cirrhosis, a liver disease, and keeps drinking even though she knows she will die if she doesn’t stop.Officers went to the mother’s home in Gypsum and knocked on the door. A man’s voice said to come in. The deputies entered and saw the woman lying on the couch with her husband.She and her husband were both intoxicated, and she didn’t want to speak to or cooperate with the officers. She said she wasn’t going anywhere and grabbed onto her husband, who urged her to cooperate and tried to distance himself from her.One of the deputies pulled the woman to her feet and she kicked the other deputy, knocking off his glasses. The officers then put her face down on the floor, wrestled her into handcuffs and sat her on the lawn outside, where she continued to scream at them. The woman was arrested for assault and obstruction of a peace officer, resisting arrest, violating a restraining order and failing to appear in court. Her legs were restrained on the way to jail to keep her from kicking out a window of the patrol car.

GYPSUM, Colorado – A deputy responded to a noise complaint about a party at a residence on Valley Road in Gypsum on May 5.The 32-year-old resident agreed to quiet down the party, but a second complaint from a different neighbor was made shortly after. The officer returned and warned the hostess more bluntly that she would be cited if she didn’t correct the problem.The officer walked away and waited to see if the noise quieted. The music did, but loud voices could still be heard for a while. One of the voices was the hostess making a crude remark about the deputy.A while later, a third complaint came in from another neighbor. The deputy returned and cited the woman for violating Gypsum’s noise ordinance.

GYPSUM, Colorado – A Gypsum resident suspects someone entered her home on Sunny Avenue the afternoon of May 7. She said she left the house around noon and the kitchen window was only open a couple of inches. When she came home hours later, the window was wide open. A spare key and two gold rings worth $150 each were missing.

EDWARDS, Colorado – On May 8, an Edwards resident reported that a man was rummaging cars parked on Flat Top Street.The suspect was wearing all black except for white lettering on the back of a T-shirt.Deputies investigated and found several cars that appeared to have been entered. Only two car owners reported any thefts from their vehicles, which included an iPod and sunglasses.

GYPSUM, Colorado – An empty foreclosed home on First Street in Gypsum was broken into and vandalized on April 22. Things inside the house were burnt and broken, and paintballs had been shot off inside.Someone broke into the house again between May 4 and 8. The homeowner said someone broke the extra lock he placed on the door after the first break-in.

EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado – A deputy stopped a car on Interstate 70 in Eagle-Vail on May 14 because the car’s license plate was obscured.When he contacted the 31-year-old driver, the man’s breath smelled of alcohol and his driver’s license was under a revoked status. The man said his lawyer was appealing the ruling and admitted he had two drinks at a pool party earlier.The officer asked him to perform voluntary roadside tests and he agreed. The deputy noted that the man displayed symptoms of different drugs. He asked the man if he would submit to a blood test.The man said he smoked marijuana a couple of days ago and would need to speak to a lawyer first. The deputy said he had to choose if he would submit to a blood test before he could consult a lawyer. The man agreed to the test.Meanwhile, a search of his truck turned up two containers of marijuana, open alcohol containers, a glass marijuana pipe and a small, white pill cut in half.The man was cited for DUI/DUID, open container, possession of less than two ounces of marijuana and paraphernalia, an improperly attached license plate and driving while his license was revoked.

DOTSERO, Colorado – A deputy stopped a 23-year-old man on Interstate 70 in Dotsero after seeing his car weave in its lane on May 14.The man identified himself with a false Mexican driver’s license. He said he was visiting a friend in St. Louis, Mo., and going back to Phoenix. He also said the car belonged to his friend but he couldn’t provide a name or phone number.Officers asked to search the car, and the man agreed. He then admitted his real name and said he had driven illegal aliens to Missouri and Florida. He was previously arrested in Minnesota and deported twice, most recently a year ago.The deputies took him to jail for possessing a forged instrument, criminal impersonation, driving without a valid license and failing to drive in a single lane.

• An Eagle woman called police May 15 to report her cellphone had been stolen. The woman said she left her iPhone on the grass next to the bike path along Seventh Street while she and a friend took off for a run. When they returned, the phone was gone. The woman and her friend attempted to use a Find My Phone application to locate the missing cell and the phone showed up in the Bull Run area. Police were unable to locate anyone in the vicinity, and the woman contacted AT&T to stop her service and lock her phone.• A car was damaged on April 12 while it was parked on Price Lane in Gypsum. A tail light was broken, and there were scratches around it on the fender. The owner suspected a child riding a bicycle had accidentally crashed into it, since he often saw kids riding bikes in the area and the damage occurred that morning. The damage was estimated to cost $500.• The back window of a car was shot out with a BB gun around April 19 while it was parked in an Edwards trailer park. The window is estimated to cost $250 to replace.• An unlocked car had items stolen from it while it was parked on Spring Circle in Gypsum between April 20 and 21. A set of lock picks in a black zipper case and a flashlight were taken.• Money was stolen from a car parked in front of the Eagle County Animal Shelter on April 24. A wallet with $200 cash had been removed from a purse in the car. The cash was taken, and the wallet was left on the dash.• A group of people fired paintballs at a home in a Dotsero trailer park on April 27.• A large rock was thrown through the windshield of a car parked in the lot of an Edwards apartment complex between April 29 and 30. The damage is estimated to cost $200.• A rock was thrown through the side window of a car parked at the Wolcott Park and Ride the night of May 4. The car appeared to have been rummaged but nothing was stolen. Damage is estimated to cost $250.