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Police search for Avon rock attack culprits

Sarah Mausolf
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – Crystal Chain never expected a trip to the dog park on Saturday would end with her rushing to the hospital.

Yet that’s exactly what happened when, she says, two boys threw a golf-ball sized rock at her head.

The 29-year-old Edwards resident said she had been sitting on a picnic bench at the Old Trail Dog Park in Wildridge when it happened. Two boys had been throwing rocks toward the park from a hillside above, she said. Chain and her friend, Erika Jensen, said they repeatedly told the boys to stop throwing rocks because the women and Jensen’s Great Pyrenees dog were in striking range.

“They just kind of mumbled and said ‘What are you going to do?'” Chain recalled.

Shortly thereafter, one of the rocks hit Chain in the back of the head. Blood was running down Chain’s clothes, over her leg and hands and onto the ground.

Jensen said her instinct was to run after the kids and talk to them but she realized her friend needed immediate attention.

“She said ‘It’s gushing Erika, get towels,” Jensen recalled.

Jensen rushed to her home near the dog park, grabbed some dish towels, and used them to apply pressure to the wound.

Chain received two stitches at Avon Urgent Care. She sustained a small but deep puncture wound.

“It hit an artery and bled really bad,” Chain said.

Police are still searching for the kids who threw the rocks. Chain said she wants them to receive some form of punishment. If the kids had approached her instead of running away, she says she would not be as angry.

“I was a kid and I did some stupid stuff but I would never purposely throw a rock in a place where people and animals were sitting,” she said. “That’s why I’m angry. They knew there was a possibility of hurting someone. They taunted us. They knew they were doing something wrong.”

Chain said she suffered headaches after the incident but is otherwise OK. She had to pay a $100 co-pay for the hospital visit and awaits the full hospital bill.

In a recent news release, Avon Police said they were interested in speaking to two boys who may have important information regarding the incident. Police believe the boys are 11 to 12 years old. One had been wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and baseball hat, police said. The second has a dark complexion and had been wearing an orange shirt and baseball hat. Both had been carrying baseball gloves, police said.

“We are appealing to the community for any info,” Lt. Greg Daly said.

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