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Political party rhetoric

Typical rhetoric seen in the recent months from those who cling to the party line.

I, for one, recognize a leader versus a manager, and John McCain is not the man he was six years ago when I would have voted for him.

I also find that though I have the greatest respect for his devotion to duty and his bravery in the Vietnam War, I have not ever seen him wear a star or stars on his shoulders, and he has not demonstrated those talents to run the largest corporation in the world. Yes, there are all those years in the Senat,e but that is not the same as managing thousands upon thousands to accomplish objectives, etc.

In addition, his selection of Gov. Palin as his running mate is an indictment of his competency. Gov. Tom Ridge might have given him Pennsylvania and the credibility with his base and many undecideds. He missed the boat while trying to live up to an image instead of showing good judgment.

In addition, I find nothing comforting about the past performance of our Congress to make me believe that tenure there is the sole gateway to the Presidency.

I admire Sen. Obama’s stance and considerations while deploring all those negative commercials ” on both sides. It would be a breath of fresh air in this campaign if we did not buy into all the political vitriol and get down the brass tacks.

I want a leader. I recommend all read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s novel about Lincoln.

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