Brock Pierce: Presidential Candidate 2020 Q&A |

Presidential Candidate 2020 Q&A: Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, 2020 Presidential Candidate

Q: Could you please give a brief introduction of your background and qualifications?

I have been an entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist for over 20 years now. I have founded, created, and built companies and organizations around the world but have focused mostly on the United States for the past several years. The rich set of experiences I have been blessed with has enabled me to understand the challenges that families, businesses, and governments face. I have often set out to do things that people considered impossible and somehow been successful in spite of others’ assumptions. I believe that my becoming President of the United States of America will be another example of that.

Q: H​ow many states have you on their ballot? If you’d like, please expand on any near-wins, near-losses or other notable experiences.

I am on the ballot in 16 states across the country. Considering how difficult it is for a candidate to be on the ballot if one isn’t part of the Democratic or Republican parties, I’m grateful for every single one of those states. Not having run for office before, I was like most Americans in believing that it was a simple and fair process to get on the ballot for each state. It turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no question that the system is rigged to maintain the two-party system at the expense of American democracy. The same appears to be true of political polling. In New York State, when I was included as an option in a political poll, I am polling in third place, after the Democratic and Republican candidates. I consider that to be a near-win.

Q: W​hat are the main objectives of your platform?

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I believe we need to re-legalize cannabis in America, resolve our debt and deficit spending problems, end poverty through Universal Earned Income (UEI), ensure affordable and effective healthcare for all Americans, reform our criminal justice system, responsibly and effectively make use of technology at a national level, secure the value of the U.S. dollar, and ensure that adults have the sole right to grant or withhold consent to add things to or remove things from their own body.

Q: W​hat do you offer that is unique from the two main party candidates?

I am offering the American people an opportunity to participate in re-designing the operating system of this country, to make America into a true democracy that honors our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Q: F​irst 90 days in office, what would you do?

My administration will work in partnership with state governors and legislators of every state to revive our economy in the midst of the challenges posed by Covid-19. My administration will work in partnership with the Congress to address the urgent hardships experienced by our country’s families and small businesses. My administration will take action to fulfill the objectives of my campaign’s political platform, in order to re-legalize cannabis nationally, restructure federal revenues and spending, end poverty in America through UEI, ensure affordable healthcare for all Americans, reform our criminal justice system, have government become technologically savvy, have a clear strategy for our national currency, and ensure that we honor and support the life, liberty, and happiness of all Americans.

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