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Presidential Candidate 2020 Q&A: Jo Jorgensen

Jo Jorgensen, 2020 Presidential Candidate

Q: Could you please give a brief introduction of your background and qualifications?

I was honored to be the Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee with Harry Browne in 1996 and ran as the Libertarian for US House (SC-04) in 1992. A Life Member of the Libertarian Party, I’ve been voting Libertarian since 1980. I served as Greenville County, South Carolina Vice Chair and as Marketing Director for the national LP.

I am a business owner, an academic, and a mother. I hold a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and I’m a full-time senior lecturer in psychology at Clemson University. I started my career as a marketing representative for IBM after earning an MBA, and later owned a software duplication company.

People often ask me, “So, I guess you ran for Student Body President in School, or Student Council, since you’re involved in politics?” No, quite the opposite! I read “Animal Farm” in grade school and always disliked the idea of an elite few making decisions for the rest of us. 

I work in the private sector and represent everyday taxpayers and workers who need relief from high taxes and who need to get government off their backs.

Q: How many states have you on their ballot? If you’d like, please expand on any near-wins, near-losses or other notable experiences.

The Jorgensen-Cohen ticket will appear on every American ballot, all fifty states plus D.C. Libertarians are the only party so far to clear the barriers the old parties have erected to keep out competition. Our state parties battled local laws, collected signatures safely in a pandemic, fought and won in court across this country to provide the voters with another choice. The majority of Americans are disgusted with the two-party stranglehold on elections. I want to show them there’s a different way forward: less government meddling, more personal freedom, peace, and prosperity. 

Q: What are the main objectives of your platform?

1. Make health care easily affordable by removing barriers to free market competition, reducing red tape, and legalizing free clinics for the poor.

2. Bring our troops home and make America like one giant Switzerland: armed and neutral. We’ll be at peace while being trained and ready to defend American soil and shores.

3. Protect our communities while preserving our freedom by ending civil asset forfeiture, militarization of police, no-knock raids, qualified immunity, and the failed, racist War on Drugs. On Day 1, I will pardon all nonviolent drug offenders and free them to go home to their families.

Q: What do you offer that is unique from the two main party candidates?
Both of my opponents have continued our involvement in deadly and unnecessary foreign wars. Both men drove up debt and raised tariff-taxes that harmed the working class and weakened American industries. Both men allowed special interests to dominate healthcare, at the expense of patients. Both men support police militarization and mass incarceration. My perspectives are very different from my opponents – because I fight for individuals and civil liberties, not ever-more-intrusive government and personal power. 

Q: First 90 days in office, what would you do?

On Day 1, I will free nonviolent victims of the War on Drugs and send them home to their families and communities. I will expunge federal crimes related to cannabis and other victimless offenses. I will decriminalize drugs at the federal level so that the 33 states which have legalized cannabis in some form are free of federal government interference.

My goal is to bring our military personnel home from the Middle East within the first 90 days of my administration while ensuring that all US military equipment and supplies are either brought home or safely secured. We can prioritize our national security without being involved in unnecessary foreign wars and stationing troops around the world in dozens of countries, away from their families. At a time when the US government’s debt is over 25 trillion dollars and rising, the government simply can’t afford to waste trillions in a futile attempt to police, and democratize, the world via military force.

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