Presidential Candidate 2020 Q&A: Kyle Kenley Kopitke

Kyle Kenley Kopitke, 2020 Presidential Candidate

Q: Could you please give a brief introduction of your background and qualifications?

About 45 minutes after my son’s MMR vaccine, his precious mind was blasted into autism.  1 in 28 children now have autism; it is the vaccines.  My qualification is I understand our vaccines are not safe. 1 in 2 young adults have a developmental disability; it is the vaccines.  If you think injecting vaccines into your child that contain the DNA from pigs, mice, insects, dogs, and from aborted male and female fetuses; think again.  Other qualifications: United States Army; United States Peace Corps; Doctorate in Public Administration; donated kidney to my brother; Missionary 2 years in England for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Former head of an environmental group.

Q: How many states have you on their ballot? If you’d like, please expand on any near-wins, near-losses or other notable experiences. 

Sadly, I am only on Colorado and Vermont.   I have faced a near total media blackout; I am the only Presidential candidate whose campaign website ( is banned and blacked out on “Facebook”; if you try and share on Facebook, you will be blocked.  Partly because I say the 11 words you cannot say: “One World Government”; “New World Order”; “Vaccines cause autism and SIDS.”  I also discuss the dangers of Common Core, and Chemtrails, and forced mandated dangerous vaccines, and also the need to close nuclear power plants. 

Q: What are the main objectives of your platform?

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My platform is spelled out over the 9 pages of my campaign website,, and also on my Blog on “Blogger” under “Kyle Kenley Kopitke.”  I’ll list some key topics here: (1) Our Monthly Trade Deficit with China is building China’s military; they are now ahead of us in some ways.  We are building China like we built Germany and Japan before World War II. We need a “Dollar to Dollar” trade agreement.  We cannot continue to fund China’s military expansion; we saw how that worked out with Japan and Germany for World War II.  (2) We need to fix our vaccines; they are not safe.  Big Pharma owns the Congress & the FDA which are supposed to oversee vaccine safety.  (3)  This is the only earth we have; we must take care of her.  As the former head of an environmental group, I am the father of the term “Climate Pollution” which is an alternative view against “Climate Change.” “Climate Change” is a tool of the One World Government & New World Order.  The Globalists have hijacked the true environmental movement.  My theory of “Climate Pollution” addresses the pollutions of nuclear power, fracking, the need to recycle, banning Roundup and other harmful chemicals in our everyday clothing and uses.  Banning GMOs.  The policy of “Climate Change” was created by Maurice Strong who is also the father of Agenda 21 (New World Order).   (4) We need to reform our Military; we are beyond weak.  We are not prepared for an EMP attack.  (5)  As a former Diplomat, I say we need to reform the State Department; the practice of appointing Ambassadors because they raised money or donated money needs to stop. Ambassadors should speak the language of the foreign country they are assigned.  (6) We need to move towards Hemp for fuel instead of oil, and for construction materials.  (7) America needs to Repent. We need to Repent as a nation and turn back to Jesus; only He can heal us.  We need to stop swearing.    We need to keep the Sabbath Day Holy by going to Church, and by not shopping.  We need to read from the King James version of the Holy Bible each and every day. We need individual and family vocal kneeling prayers. I also treasure, and am inspired, by prayerfully reading over the Book of Mormon.

Q: What do you offer that is unique from the two main party candidates?

Oh, I try not to compare myself against the Republican nominee and Democratic nominee as it can come across negative.  Let me just say “Who I am.”  I am a “Social Progressive Constitutionalist.”  The Dems and Repubs both support the One World Government and the New World Order as I see it; the Dems on the Fast Track and the Repubs on the Slower Track; make no mistake; both are heading in that direction. We must preserve our God inspired Constitution.  We must restore the Checks and Balances that The Spirit of The Lord inspired our Founding Fathers to include in the framework of our Beloved Constitution ..… if we want our Republic to endure.  

First 90 days in office, what would you do?

(1) The Economy:  The Ds and Rs should have passed another Stimulus Relief Package but they are arguing over which of their donors they can pay back with it.   As President, I will sign a Presidential Executive Order instructing the Treasury Department to send a 2nd Stimulus Check of $3,000 checks to Americans.  I can do that because in the fine print of the authority of the Patriot Act, and the 9-11 7463 Proclamation, and the State of emergency for COVID, are economic powers granted to the President where he can bypass Congress.  I am surprised the current President does now do this.  Maybe his Aides do not understand how this works.    

(2) Healthcare:  The American Dream is the American Nightmare without health insurance; my Nixon-Care National Healthcare program covers all Americans. 

(3)  Copyright Reform:  While I believe in forever love, I do not believe in forever copyrights.  We should not have to pay for movies made in the 1950s and 1960s. 

(4)  State Department:  As many Ambassadors as possible need to speak the language of the country they are assigned to.  (

5)  Create a Commission to release secret low cost energy forms held back for “so called” National Security by the Patent Office.   They are not being held back for “true” National Security but rather to protect the perpetual profits of the 1%.  (6) Saving Social Security:  I used to work for the Social Security Administration.  SSA is quickly going belly up; we need to remove the “Earnings cap” which blocks the 1% from paying their fair share of Social Security Taxes.   (7) HUD:  I used to work for HUD; let me tell you the dirty little secret; banks make more money from Foreclosure Insurance than they do helping you stay in your home.  We need to stop Home and Farm Foreclosures, and Car Repos; they are destroying families and neighborhoods and farms.  (8) Veterans:  As President, I will sign an EO allowing Veterans to go to any doctor they want; including those outside of the VA network.  The level of Veterans taking their own lives is due to the high rate of doctors prescribing dangerous SSRI drugs (antidepressants), because SSRI drugs block moral reasoning, thus people take their own lives. Vets need to be moved to use weed and CBD oils as treatments.  (9) Student Loans: Wipe them out and start with a fair system.  (10) China:  Begin lowering our Monthly Trade Deficit with the goal of 1 for 1 in trade by December 2021.   We must stop building China’s military.  (11)  National Security: We need to build microchips here in the USA and ban imports that can have “kill switches” inserted.  (12)  5G: Stop deployment of 5G as it has not been tested for safety. (13)  EMP:  In the event of an EMP all electronics will be disabled and fried.  All planes will drop, all cars will stop; they are not repairable.  All of our nuclear power plants will melt down.  This is partly why we need to move away from nuclear power plants; they are a time bomb waiting to explode.  We need to build a National Reservoir Stockpile of horses for a Calvary, B-17s, B-24s, bayonet factories, and ammo factories as well as non-electrical tanks and non-electrical ships, and non-electrical planes. Each city/town/county needs to have a trained Militia.   Expect a land invasion after we are hit with an EMP.  (14) National Sovereignty:  A One World Government is a False Flag idea; it will quickly move into a One World Government Dictatorship; human nature.  I’ll seek to protect the Constitution from the Globalists.   (15) Break up large corporations: I’ll break up large banks and corporations.  They seek to limit innovation, inventions and they seek to destroy Small Businesses.  (16) Environment:  Fracking provides many jobs; good paying jobs.  However, Fracking can destroy our precious Water Aquifers; which are not repairable.  I’ll ban Roundup on Day 1.  (17)  Vaccines: On Day 1, as President, I am pulling the MMR vaccine as it causes autism.  I will “pull” other vaccines as needed. As your President, I will educate the American People on how vaccines are causing Developmental Disabilities in 1 in 2 Americans.   (18)  Concluding Remarks: Please visit and share with your friends.  Please visit my Youtube channel under “Kyle Kenley Kopitke”  If I don’t win in 2020, then on to 2024.  Email me at if you can help.  His Peace to you, Kyle    I humbly ask for your vote.

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