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Pondering Vail’s elections

Kaye Ferry

I’m going to spend as much time as possible between now and the election on the issues facing us in November. But first, let’s start with candidates.While everyone even remotely considering a run at the Vail Town Council seats is acting very cagey, keeping my ear close to the ground and the rumor mill, here’s the best I can tell. All of the incumbents will run for their seats this fall.Cleveland and Hitt have made their intentions clear from the beginning. Donovan faltered for a minute and Moffet has been dragging his feet. Donovan has swayed between feeling that fighting the system is a futile task to thinking her primary goal is to fix it. She also was more than a little disturbed by the personal attacks waged at her after the Crossroads vote. And here I absolutely agree with her.There are days when it’s not easy being Diana. Whether you agree or not, she at least always believes she’s making a decision that is in the long-term best interest of Vail. We disagree vehemently on a lot of issues, but I still respect her dedication to what are sometimes her singular causes. But where she and I agree completely is on the negative personal attacks that follow something like the Crossroads vote. They are completely uncalled for. And I know, because I’ve been on the receiving end myself. Of course they generally get a life of their own in the form of Tipsline, where people can sling mud without taking responsibility for their own words. Another area where Diana deserves a little credit. Like her views or not, she doesn’t hide behind an anonymous tabloid format. Moffet clearly has had his moments of frustration, as he has been on the losing side of the last two big items. His support of the conference center has been well documented, and he is among the group that believes it should have been built before now and did not need to go back to the voters. He will be supporting the efforts of the committee that is already frantically passing out buttons and making the rounds of every group that will listen. I’ll come back to that in a moment. Greg also was very vocal in his support of Crossroads. While the most outspoken voice of support on the council, he also did not hesitate to point out the error of their ways to his fellow elected officials. I’m guessing that his reluctance to commit has been based on the very close race in the last election. He came thisclose to losing his seat, and for a guy with a fairly sizeable ego the prospect of not making the cut this time has played heavily in his decision-making process. But I’m now told he’s going to take another stab at it, hoping to push his projects through to a positive conclusion.The other candidates are still lining up. Mark Gordon has been running for the past two years. He lost his bid in the 2003 regular election and the following special election in 2004, when Ludy Kurz term limited out. Which brings me to Mr. Kurz. He’s another name from the past being tossed about, as well as Kevin Foley, who is also playing the coy role. Who knows, you might just look up and have a serious case of deja vu.There are several other names that either will or won’t make a run at it and soon enough we’ll have that list. Petitions are now sitting there waiting for signatures. While it’s too early to make predictions, I’m going to make one. All of the incumbents will not make it. There is so much unrest in the community right now that I think at least some small change will occur. My gut feeling is that the status quo will be shaken up a bit. Just who will get their marching papers, I’m not sure at this juncture.I’ll make another prediction. This will be the first time in memory that things will heat up between the candidates. I don’t know if “muckraking” will be the defining term, but surely we will see a new kind of politicking in Vail. In 2002, we experienced our first foray into “big city” politics. An unknown came upon the scene, spent a bundle of cash and walked away with the most votes. This year we will see candidates unabashedly pointing out the shortcomings of their opponents. I think the term politically correct will be put on the shelf, and candidates will come out swinging. Who knows, it could be fun and maybe in this day and age, it’s what’s to be expected. I’ll write more as the list of names is released of who the potential victims are.Now I said I’d come back to the conference center for a minute. I will, of course, be writing about it as we move closer to the election. But there is one thing that needs to be perfectly clear. Any opinion expressed here is mine, and I’m paid by the Vail Daily to share my thoughts with you. But keep in mind, my opinions do not necessarily reflect the positions of my other employer, the Vail Chamber. In fact, due to the wide range of opinions in the business community, the VCBA will not take a position, one way or the other on this issue. There will be many personal opinions expressed by individuals on the board and in the business community, but none will reflect a position of the organization.Also, circle your calendar. On Oct. 15, the VCBA will be hosting a candidates forum at Donovan Pavilion at 6:30. Do your part: call them and write them. To contact the Town Council, call 479-1860, ext. 8, or e-mail towncouncil@vailgov.com. To contact Vail Resorts, call 476-5601 or e-mail vailinfo@vailresorts.com. For past columns, go to vaildaily.com and click on “Columnists” or search for keyword “ferry.” Kaye Ferry is a longtime observer of Vail government. This column, as with all personal columns, does not necessarily reflect the views of the Vail Daily.Vail, Colorado

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