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Pool poacher leaves suit behind

Christine Ina Casillas

There’s nothing like sitting in an outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing but it’s another thing when the person inside the hot tub doesn’t belong there.

Vail police officers warned a woman for trespassing Dec. 21 at Sun Vail after she attempted to retrieve her bathing suit.

It all started when the woman decided to take a dip in the pool and the hot tub, but left her swimming suit poolside.

The next day, she returned to the office to collect her suit but was informed that her suit had been thrown away that morning. The woman’s mother went to the office later that day in an attempt to retrieve the bathing suit and the office employees wrote down her driver’s plate number.

The Vail police called the woman who went swimming and dipping illegally at and she was given a verbal trespassing warning, police records said.

A stolen rental car was recovered Dec. 20 after the man who had taken it was found, police reports show.

A man had rented the car in November from Avis but didn’t return it. He didn’t renew his rental options and disappeared, the report said.

Rental employees asked that the car be returned only and asked that the man not be arrested.

When the car was recovered and the man was called, he paid the rental company the outstanding balance of his bill.

When people live near a row of bars and clubs, it’s usually expected that loud music, drunken debauchery and other forms of bar-room brawls and behaviors are bound to happen.

But for some people, the noise emanating from the Tap Room and the Club in Vail was far too loud for them to handle. They called the police on a report of excessive noise from the buildings.

The police ventured into the clubs and asked the managers to turn down the speakers.

Nobody, however, was raging too loudly in Avon over the holidays, Avon police reports show. Over the holiday week in Avon, police tackled two car thefts, two arrests for drinking and driving and three car accidents.

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