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Possum Logic croons at the Moon

Wren Wertin
Special to the DailyOpeners for North Mississippi All-Stars return for solo show at the Half Moon Saloon

Having one singer-songwriter in a group is a good idea. Having two is an embarrassment of riches – which is what Possum Logic is counting on. The group plays at Half Moon Saloon today at 10 p.m.

“It’s going to be a rock and roll, ripping-good-ole-time of a night,” promised Pete Kartsounes, acoustic and electric lead guitar, vocals and harmonica. “That’s what Brendan and I love, sucking a crowd in and taking them places. It’s hard with original music, but so far we’ve been able to do it. It’s kind of assuring to know that.”

Brendan MacNaughton shares songwriting duties with Kartsounes, and plays the acoustic rhythm guitar in addition to singing. The group is rounded out with drummer Ryan Sapp, bassist Jason Greisa and the Hallellulah Man – James “The Reverend” Thomas on keys.

“These guys got it,” said John “Digger” Paleaz, the group’s manager as well as the tour manager for North Miss. “The biggest thing is having two singer-songwriters with great voices and great songs. Bringing them together, that’s the magic I see. The biggest thing most bands are lacking is vocal presentation. So when you get two guys who can sing, you not only have the differences in their song-writing styles, it’s how they come together in harmonies – sometimes third and fourth part harmonies, it’s fantastic.”

During their rockin’ shows, Possum Logic might swing from funk to slamgrass to soul to blues to newgrass and beyond. MacNaughton and Kartsounes used to head up a group called Acoustic Semi, which had several play dates in the Vail area. After touring non-stop for a few seasons, they both needed a couple months to sit back and look at where they were going.

“We just needed to evaluate what we were doing,” said Kartsounes.

They dropped the Acoustic Semi name for a couple of reasons: they aren’t just acoustic, or even mostly acoustic. They are plugged in and amped out. They also weren’t happy with everything Acoustic Semi had become, so they changed bassists, added a couple folks and whabam, they had Possum Logic.

“If I had never heard of the names, and I showed up in town and somebody said I could hear a group called Acoustic Semi or a group called Possum Logic, I’d go for Possum Logic every time,” said Kartsounes. “It’s a more fun name, and Jason is an amazing bass player. We’re a little more funky and bluesy, and I’ve thrown in a couple new bluegrass songs.”

They just recorded their first CD, and are in the mixing process right now. They’ve been getting good reviews, having become a tighter group than Acoustic Semi was. The Boulder-based Possums are looking forward to a national tour, in between Colorado segments. Despite the seemingly endless hard work involved, Kartsounes is happy to be pursuing the musical dream.

“It’s what I love more than anything besides life itself,” he said. “Sure, it’s stressful at times, but it’s way worth it. Here’s my day today: I’m going to go hiking with my dog, and then go do yoga, and then I’m probably going to have a couple drinks with my friend. And if it starts raining, I’m going to grab my guitar and write a song, I’m feeling the need to write a song.”

And folks might get to hear it tonight.

For more information on the group, visit their Web site at http://www.possumlogicband.com, or call the Moon at 476-4314. Everybody is personally invited to tonight’s show by Kartsounes.

“I’m sending the energy out into the universe,” he exclaimed, laughing.

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