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Outstanding story (see “A local’s best day can be a first-timer’s worst nightmare,” at vailtrail.com, Jan. 13 edition). I agree with Jon and BJ: balance is key.Chris MorathCmorath3@comcast.netNo need to drill RoanThe Roan Plateau issue (See “The Drilling Fields; the hunt for more energy hits close to home,” at vailtrail.com, Jan. 27 edition) would be much simpler if the Bush Administration did not turn a blind eye to readily available renewable energy. Why are we having a “nation-wide push,” for, “oil and gas production within the United States’ boundaries?”What we need is a nation-wide push for a renewable energy standard that will save places like the Roan Plateau and protect countless other areas from drilling.Sen. Ken Salazar is our hope to stand up to the Bush Administration’s selfish pursuit of oil capital for themselves and their cronies. I, for one, am hoping Sen. Salazar will stand up for Colorado’s land, air and people, and vote against the Bush energy bill that will be introduced in this congressional term.Matthew LarsonMlarson151@yahoo.comHey Lushious!The married guy in the group even outlasted Bridget one night! (See “Lushious Living,” at vailtrail.com, Jan. 27 edition.)Bill Allenwilliamwallen@nc.rr.comCorrectionIn our Jan. 27 story “The Drilling Fields; the hunt for more energy hits close to home,” we wrote that the five trillion cubic feet of gas available from the top of the Roan Plateau would heat all the houses in Colorado for one year, according to Ken Wonstolen, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.In fact, Wonstolen estimates the five trillion cubic feet could heat every house in Colorado for 20-25 years.

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