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Powder Keg Brewing Brief: News you need to know from the craft beer world

Compiled by Krista Driscoll
Breckenridge Brewery's Breck IPA starts with a floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit, and a bready malt backbone balances its citrus hop flavor.
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Breckenridge Brewery recently released a new year-round India Pale Ale in all of its markets. Breck IPA starts with a floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit, and a bready malt backbone balances its citrus hop flavor. Todd Usry, brewmaster and director of brewing operations, led the brewing team in developing the right recipe for the new beer.

“We got a lot of feedback from the market, our sales folks and our production crew on qualities that make an IPA rise above the standard,” he said. “It was important to stay true to style while differentiating ourselves. That’s hard to do in a market segment with so many choices and so many acceptable varieties within the style. We set out to create something extremely aromatic, but more balanced in flavor.”

The brewing team found that Mosaic and Cascade hops together lend the aromatic qualities that they sought. Full Pint malt, a relatively new and rare malt variety, provides fullness in flavor that complements the bittering hops. Experimenting with different hop treatments in various stages of production assisted in elevating the aroma and balancing the bitterness of this beer.

Breck IPA weighs in at 6.3 percent alcohol by volume and 66 International Bitterness Units. Visit http://www.breckbrew.com for more information and a beer finder app.

Crossed Irons Irish Ale raises money for firefighters

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Kannah Creek Brewing Co. in Grand Junction recently released its spring brew, Crossed Irons Irish Ale, which is available throughout Colorado. Each case sold will benefit the Terry Farrell Firefighter Fund Colorado Chapter. This is the second year the beer has been bottled, and last year, sales from the beer raised $1,058 for the Terry Fund.

The Terry Fund uses donations to help firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty; to assist a firefighter family member that is sick or has an ambition to get a college education; or the fund might provide resources for a smaller volunteer department with no money for training or equipment.

Crossed Irons is considered a traditional red ale with a “medium malt body and light hop bitterness,” according to Kannah Creek. The brew has a 5.2 percent ABV and 30 IBUs. “It has a nice caramel flavor and malty flavor,” head brewer Jim Jeffryes said. “It’s not very hoppy, but it has enough hops to back up the sweetness from the malt. It’s also very drinkable … a good sippin’ beer.”

For more information and to find where the beer is available in Summit County, visit http://www.kannahcreekbrewingco.com.

Brittany Markert Grand Junction Free Press

Avery Brewing releases beers for Sour Spring

To celebrate Sour Spring, Avery Brewing Co. is releasing four sour beers over the next two months, starting with Tectum et Elix, a sour ale aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels. Founder and CEO Adam Avery said Tectum et Elix is hugely different than any sour Avery has ever made.

“Rather than using our house strain of Brettanomyces, we used multiple Brett and Saccharomyces strains, which created a much funkier beer,” he said. “It’s earthy, it’s rustic, and it’s delicious.”

The beer was followed by the release of Insula multos Collibus, a sour ale aged in bourbon barrels with cherries, on April 26. The goal for this second beer was to make a strong sour — almost the strength of a Manhattan — in fresh bourbon barrels, with the 9.7 percent ABV balancing the charred oak flavors, resulting in big vanilla notes and a hint of coconut.

Raspberry Sour, a sour with red raspberries aged in neutral oak barrels, is the next Sour Spring release on Friday, May 1. It is also the beginning of a new series for Avery called Botanicals & Barrels, which will feature barrel-aged beers in 22-ounce, green-foil-capped bottles that are available year-round.

The final piece of Sour Spring is an unusual beer called Fortuna. This brew was inspired by the flavors of a margarita, and Avery’s brewers aged a sour beer in Suerte tequila barrels for nine months and then added fresh lime zest and Maldon salt. Fortuna will be available at Avery Brewing on Sunday.

For more information about Sour Spring, visit the event calendar at http://www.averybrewing.com.

Tommyknocker goes international

Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub in Idaho Springs has partnered with Finnish investor group Captol Invest to launch The Tommyknocker Craft Beer Bar in a fashionable section of downtown Helsinki, Finland.

To make the two-year project come to fruition, Tommyknocker and Captol Invest embarked on a business model collaboration that began with a visit from the Finnish group in 2013 and has culminated in the launch of the Helsinki Tommyknocker craft beer bar. After shipping more than 2,200 gallons of its signature brews, Steve Indrehus, brewmaster and director of brewery operations, traveled to Finland for the March grand opening.

“It’s fun for a little Idaho Springs brewery to do something global,” Indrehus said. “I think part of the draw for them is our distinctive Colorado mountain town image and drinkable, American-style products.”

For more information, visit http://www.tommyknocker.com.

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