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Powder scare in DA’s office subsides

Randy Wyrick

The crisis was short-lived over the suspicious powder found in the district attorney’s office Monday.

The staff was back at work Tuesday morning, one day after staffers in the district attorney’s Eagle office cracked open an envelope packed with white powder. The building was evacuated Monday afternoon, as police, firefighters and hazardous materials experts in white hazmat suits secured the area.

As it turns out, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI determined that the white powder was not a dangerous substance. An FBI spokesman said the envelope is now in the hands of the Colorado Department of Health, who will determine what it is.

The FBI declined to say how the envelope was delivered to the district attorney’s office, although sources told the Vail Daily that it came in the mail.

If it went through the mail, it becomes a federal crime, said district attorney’s office spokeswoman, Krista Flannigan.

Flannigan said she was told the envelope was received from a “known prankster.”

Authorities won’t have to look far for their initial clues. Sources told the Daily that whoever sent it put a name and address on the outside of the envelope.

While the district attorney’s office was evacuated Monday afternoon, the Eagle County courthouse across the parking lot was not. That building houses the courts, judges’ chambers and the sheriff’s office.

Flannigan said the incident had nothing to do with anyone connected with the Kobe Bryant case.

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