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Power to make difference in a life

Kirsten Wechsler

You love them, you care for them unconditionally, you would walk through fire to protect them and ease their pain. If they came to you and said they were sick, you would be terrified and confused. That is not the way life is supposed to work, you think to yourself. “Did I do something wrong? Should have taken better care of them? Should have insisted they eat those vegetables?” All number of things go through your head, but then you realize modern medicine is an amazing marvel and of course you taught your child the importance of health insurance. Waves of relief rush over you, everything will be fine.

But wait. Everything will not be fine. The doctors cannot meet your gaze when you speak to them. Your beautiful child is ill. So ill in fact, insurance cannot help you. All those years of increasingly high premiums you both have paid mean nothing now. There is a possible cure, they tell you, and there is a chance. Your heart leaps. You can save your child. But here’s the catch: Insurance will pay nothing and it will cost more than you’ve made in your entire lifetime to try and save their life.

For some of you, this is not the case. You have worked hard your entire life and by the grace of “something or someone,” you have the resources necessary to undertake this scary and costly path.

What I ask of you today is what if you weren’t in that position? What if you sold the house, the car, liquefied the portfolio and borrowed money from everyone you knew and it still wasn’t enough? How would you face another day, knowing you could not help your child?

Well YOU can help. This person we are theoretically speaking about does exist. His name is Jeff Galley. His family works tirelessly to help him. I can only imagine the fear in their hearts. Can you?

Jeff is my friend. I met him the first month I moved to the valley so many years ago. He is kind, generous and he could be your son. You have the power to make a huge difference in his life. I donated money to his medical fund and I live paycheck to paycheck.

His life means so much more than a new Mercedes or a $250,000 golf membership. People everywhere have given of themselves to try and make a difference. Unfortunately it is not enough. I beg of you to think long and hard about what I have said. I ask you to forget about all of our differences and concentrate instead on what we all share – compassion, sympathy for our fellow man, love. This man needs our help. He is not thousands of miles away in another country; he is living right here in our back yard. He could even be your son.

Our thoughts are with you Jeff.

If you can find it in your heart to help Jeff, please direct all inquiries to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund at 328-FUND.

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