PR specialists introduce real estate-focused firm |

PR specialists introduce real estate-focused firm

Melanie Wong
Managing partners Patricia Peeples and Jens Werner recently launched real estate and development communications firm ReComm Global. The venture will be in addition to their existing public relations company Peeples Ink.
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EDWARDS — For public relations specialists Patricia Peeples and Jens Werner, the big realization came while working on The Ascent, a luxury development at the base of Beaver Creek.

The development had been a victim of the economic crash, and the brand new residences sat vacant for a few years until a new company bought the property in late 2010. Public relations firm Peeples Ink were tasked with giving what appeared to be a doomed project a second life. The residences sold out in a mere 18 months, said Werner, Peeples Ink vice president.

“That property was at best unknown and more commonly though of as ill-fated,” he said. “Our job was to reposition it as a new property rebranded. We had to convince the real estate brokers that it was a property worth showing their clients.”

Based on that success, Peeples Ink, previously more known for its work in the tourism and resort industry, began to take on more and more real estate and development projects. There was the Winchester Country Club outside Sacramento, Calif., a development outside Las Vegas and Troon Prive, a company that moved in to manage the Club at Cordillera. Soon, it seemed to make sense to start a separate business that aimed to fill the niche.

With that, ReComm Global was born. Earlier this week, Peeples and Werner announced they were launching a new public relations firm that would operate alongside Peeples Ink, focused solely on real estate and development communications.

“Our client base has shifted over the last decade, and much of our business has been focused on real estate and development,” said Peeples, who will be managing partner of ReComm alongside Werner. “We developed expertise in this type of communication platform and have grown to enjoy the collaborative, solution-oriented approach we have with our clients and their stakeholders.”

Product of the times

Just like the real estate business reinvented itself when emerging from the economic downturn, ReComm Global was also the product of the times. Struggling developments needed marketing teams; homeowner associations needed to convince its members when capital expense needs arose; other companies simply wanted to change gears in the changing market and many of them looked to public relations companies to help them do it.

“More than ever our clients are understanding the value of communication in planning. Today, people have a much keener eye for business,” said Peeples. “Prior to 2010, I don’t think we would have found such a sweet spot. We found a real unmet need. We couldn’t find another firm like this in the state and just a few in the nation. It’s real niche.”

Werner pointed out that the lessons they learned as a PR firm during the past nine years about real estate and development probably couldn’t have been replicated at any other time.

“Leading communications campaigns in the real estate and development space before, during and after the recent recession caused us to constantly refine and redefine our tactics for a varying group of clients in a constantly changing financial landscape. We became experts in meeting each client’s goals and overcoming a project’s challenges with a wide variety of solutions,” said Werner.

The ReComm Global team is rounded out by Katie Coakley and Allie Bradshaw. The partners said Peeples Ink will continue its work in resort, travel and tourism public relations, while ReComm Global will focus solely on real estate-related communications efforts.

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