Praise for state Sen. Al White |

Praise for state Sen. Al White

Larry W. Sweeney
Vail, CO, Colorado

With a substantial amount of finger-pointing going on in Colorado and Washington, D.C., politics, I think it’s important we also point to those who have truly represented the interests of their district and made good decisions, even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.

State Sen. Al White (District 8) from Hayden was a true defender of Colorado’s natural resources. When funding for the State Conservation Board was on the chopping block and 76 conservation districts were in jeopardy of losing significant funding that goes toward drought mitigation, soil and water management, noxious weed control, wildlife habitat management and more, Sen. White stepped up to the plate and protected this critical resource.

These resources sustain our economy in Colorado in the form of agriculture, hunting, fishing and tourism. Without the State Conservation Board and the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts, there would be a missing link between private farm and ranch landowners, small ranchette owners and other suburban developments to assist in wise and proper management of natural resources. Colorado is blessed with abundant natural resources, and as our population continues to increase, it becomes more and more important to manage these resources wisely. We applaud Sen. White for his foresight, knowledge and courage to protect the things that make Colorado a special place to live.

Larry W. Sweeney

Director, Colorado River Watershed

Colorado Association of Conservation Districts

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