Prank-wary instructor catches on? |

Prank-wary instructor catches on?

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Back in the late 1970s, I began working at a ski school full of practical jokers. Needless to say, each April Fools Day became a high holy day as we competed for the honor of being the ultimate prankster.The 10-year war began one April Fools Day when we recruited a gorgeous, shapely instructor from another ski area to dress in a tight sweater and pretend to be a beginning skier.We assigned the “new skier” to one our instructors known for his gullibility. Whenever the instructor told his new student to turn left, she turned right. Ask her to stand up, she’d fall down, and so on.At every opportunity, she would provocatively rub herself up against her unassuming victim while batting her eyes. When we felt that he had enough, the staff gathered around to let the instructor in on the joke. He was not amused.The next day, the instructor began retaliating by squirting shaving cream into instructors’ boots, filling their lockers with snow, etc. This, of course, perpetrated more horrendous practical jokes.With each ensuing prank, the tension grew. Everyone was constantly looking over their shoulders, trying to catch the saboteurs in the act.The pranks finally came to an end one year when a young instructor was assigned a private lesson with a beginning skier on April Fools Day. Having been a spectator of the practical jokes over the previous years, she was terrified that her number was finally up.The supervisor skied up to her and introduced her to her client. As the lesson was about to begin, she looked her client straight in the eye and said, “If you think I’m dumb enough to ski with you, you’ve got another thing coming!”Then, she skied off.- Pepi Stiegler, Jackson Hole, WyomingVail, Colorado

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